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Topic: Bug collission speed and time | 21 October 2020 15:10
Message #37
you are a smal lyer. see screen. 8 dunkles crashed into your ops.
And why you are proud a bug secured your ass ?
- again ?
second time a bug secured you personaly.
And why proud of massive shiels. You got from killing and recycling service.
This is no hero work.

From 269 million structure you got down to 110 million Structure.
I saved all spy reports. so do not write such shit. As I have all proofes.

And my own collission happened because of 8 -14 hours collission times
as I needed to sleep. And the BUG was there.
So the 3 lost dunkle from me, secured your ass.
2 by beprotis cheater.
I count much more than the allowed 100 moons at beprotis
I REMEMBER very good. Valentin999 as alliance Leader got some moonshots from his alliance.
And the Tehb cryed very loud and wanted to bann him from game.
Of course - Tehb - are allowed to do. what they do not like if other do.
NOW they did 500 more moonshots.
And if we cry because this - same they did -
they only laugh.
But , oposite to Valentin999 -
I see who collected debris. And Because of hundreds of moonshots in 2 days,
I call it SYSTEMATIC accaunt pumping. as I see who collected debris.

Also I have a screen. From Beprotis Points. doubled his size. from 7 mio to 14 mio
points in 3 days. By systematic accaunt pumping.
And admins do not bann him.
NO 7 mio point player can double his points in 3 days without systematic pumping.
Topic: Bug collission speed and time | 19 October 2020 23:24
Message #36
Dear admins.
Next Game bug. wich support the shadow alliance.
THIS is the situation.
I moved 11 Dunkles to place of @Nels OPS for doing collission.
9 hours after my arriving The shadow alliance started Mooning.
2 of my ops already 2 hours in flight this time.
Shooting with gun to insect in collission. That insect collission speed gets 3 times longer.
But - unfortunately. All Dunkles - also the not shooted one get that slow speed. Dunkle in move while gets shot
@Nels in our zone with OPS.
I wanted to destroy. @Nels shoot to 1 OPS.
But not only 1 dunkle is slow down in collission speed now.
This moment 4 dunkles have 6 hours collission time. instead of 2.
See screen
Because this I loose 10 Dunkle for nothing.
As they have time to make new dunkles,
And start kollissions with me
And shadow destroys my dunkle before I can reach @Nels.
Again they use a game bug
again us.
now 3 hours in move. And enemy OPS still 1 cm from left
screen corner. This means my dunkel does not move Are you serious ????
Now it is 10 Hours after my first post, 14 hours after I started
the first collissions. 2 Dunkles still in flight.
In the meantime Shadow destroyed some of my dunkles.
So @Nels OPS survive. he only lost some shields.
Easy to see Beprotis hat first impact 4 hours after start.
My first dunkles reached targets After 11 hours flight.
OF course spy report show similar dunkle levels.
UPDATE screen shows still more than 40 minutes.
11:47 am - AM ! ! ! server time. with dunkle that gets N O T shot with gun.
1) So shadow started stealing OPS - was to difficult as we stole back.
OPS battle report bug suddenly happened.
2) I was at shadow gate with dunkle. Suddenly structure game change WORMHIVE.
So WEPHA survived and shadow gate survived, too.
3) Time we have war with shadow - suddenly a WORMHOLE from shadow to us apear.
4) @Nels did the mistake - coming with OPS to us with to low level insect.
to much cooling time. I moved 10 dunkles . And woops - Collision time is buggy.
It seems the game balance editor is from shadow alliance.
And it seems this game suddenly gets buggy ever correct time for shadow.
UPDATE next bug --->
UPDATE - finaly my last Dunkle did collission. only needed freaking 16 hours
. it got shot with gravity gun
I write from time from moment I set speed to 1 and collission switch = on
so only time it needed on local cords for collission flight.
As message showed 6 hours - this is a bit longer. isn't it?
Asking for banning player wich USE this bug
has no effect. I know.
We now did ally message how to make multi accaunts
and how to do accaunt pumping in tehb style.
Because you do not bann this players our player need to do same.
so you soon have hundreds more accaunts in game
wich spend no money and are parasites.
Because this seems what you want and support.
Topic: joke from admins ? | 23 May 2020 01:26
Message #35
Dear admins,
thanks for beeing so funny.
540 hyderian cristals for 8 million vespene.
that is a price of 67,5 Hyderian per million vespene.
And research time cut to 2 ? With what resources ?
This only can be a joke. no serious offer.
BUT this seems to be terrorists attack. 906 hyderian for 3 mio vespene. Thats only 300 hyderian per million. 10 times more expensive than normal.
Sorry guys and girls. Without beeing bad girl I want to ask
who was that drunk boy offering this ????
Topic: Cost of payback | 12 May 2020 23:21
Message #34
At Xerj my mines are level 33.
If I summ all costs I already payed -
I need around 154 YEARS to get invested resources back.
Vasja anounced new prices. well. nice.
Still is around 3 years per level paypack cost.
As we read his future plans to reduce mines next year, too
I do not see any sence.
We lost already 3 of our biggest donators to the game.
I do not care for 90% of player leaving this.
Just stupid the people who spend most money here leave this game.
Research times of 3000 hours, make nobody interrested in buying hc for research.

Admins. please explain to me, why building up a mine

I please Admins to explain to me - why building up any mine.
Special after last post of vasja.
Message #33
Guys. Do not worry.

Some time ago Vasja made same with Officer.

Do not cry to much. As all other tech, he will do same.

All researches he takes away and than gives 10 x prices.

Thats already fact.

Topic: Still no Paypal | 16 May 2019 02:01
Message #32
Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 18 April 2019 22:47
Message #31

Reduced gate range.

who runs with trampolines to get 1.1 million hyderian ( hc ) ? ? ? 
only top 10 player.

again a game change to support the poor poor poor top 10 player.
small alliances are not allowed to defend them.

Topic: Chat / pm system broken | 3 April 2019 20:35
Message #30

Please explain to me.
How to make screenshot from unvisible lines text ? ? ? 

Today it worked first. with 5 second delay.
now again broken.
but you can see a smal part of next line

Topic: Chat / pm system broken | 2 April 2019 20:55
Message #29
Again - I can not see the last 3 lines in chat.

This is 3rth time this bug happens.
Solve it.

Message #28
Quote: Victoria
a certificate of ownership.

Hello Victoria ,
What is a "certificate of ownership" worth? If game owner 
can change that like he want.
Remember Officer - wich got stolen.

Topic: New basic rules of fleet flights | 25 November 2018 00:40
Message #27
Battle experiance. thats what Alliance tehb wants. 
They blackmail smaler player to give fleets for killing.
but with old rules smal player could hide all.

So the game got very boring for big player.
And the top 100 player are the only player the game is interrested in.
all other are only food.

So this game change is no surprise - it is already logical.
after intelligent collission ended, spam ended 
and all other things - wich allowed smaler player to defend big Guns.

Topic: The number of OPS was increased dramatically | 2 November 2018 23:12
Message #26
Kronoskeeper, Its a new very stupid admin Idea.
Orbital pirate stations have to much defence to robb them easy.
addon because them the pirate debris got reduced
and the fields of lunar base.

Its a gift for the big player. over 2 million but most for bigger 8 million points.

Topic: why no research on every planet? | 26 October 2018 14:40
Message #25
ion_nsk_region,  I have 50 moons, gates, insects, al stations stations, asteroids addon.
and 10 planets still easy to get
ALL this objects are in sorting.

You do not know this game.  

Topic: Today is xcraft FUNERAL DAY RIP | 7 October 2018 15:54
Message #24
Quote: uday20
mention if admins wants to continue in this fashion then return our mon


Message #23
So my lexx would not eat them ?????
Message #22
Victoria,  look at my ac ! ! ! 

Vajsja is a greedy guy. And we all know what happens now.
again loosing member .   Instead of creating more.

Good bye.
Guess see you soon at other game.

Topic: The chance of collision of satellites is reduced | 26 January 2018 20:31
Message #20
We have 7 member with toss code.
Do not want to spent the 1000 hc, because of change every day.
First double all fuel costs.
than reduce fighting skills of ships
at last again reduce mines.

No one spents money - if next day can be worthless.
Better fire a cigar with dollar notes than spent here.
EVEN if all get backchanged. our confidence - you lost. !

Player of the wor(l)d "Heaven" - top secret admin fuel calculation sheet
Topic: Fighter and Stealth fuel consumption are reduced | 25 January 2018 16:42
Message #19
Victoria, Today specialisation of Stealth changed. Now 3 again big armor instead of 4.
So we need to use 25 % more ships. So is again more (hidden) fuel cost 

Just to work again deplemention I need millions of res every month. But all are hiding big fleets, Pirats spread out is pitty.

Even with exact calculation of optimal ship amouts high flight cost recuce our Resource profit that much -
only working again mine deplemention is already not possible.

Who wants to play a game - having less every day ?
Its normal that all human just want more. higher mines, more ships, more tech. NOT LESS.

And of course - in fight with flight costs - such project like station we have not ressources left.

Our accaunts nearly stop. playing nearly stop. You as admin should see that. ! ! ! 
Topic: Second of Tosses and new bonuses Mantrid | 24 January 2018 13:47
Message #18
DjSoulJammer,  Mantrid is just for bigPlayer. It got improved so we can not destroy their moons and oposit they can more easy destroy ours.
This looks like a gift special for bestiary owner. same the babylon tower. See in Victorias orbit. but not writen here where to get it.