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Topic: Collission with dunk | 31 May 2022 01:25:12
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NICE that we get not an answer or solution since MONTH

I have 5 bug reports open wich are not SOLVED
Topic: SPECIAL planet for Diehard | 25 December 2021 19:44:34
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Why rule about special planets got changed for Diehard ?

He blackmails hole game. and now he gets free resources ?

Most people think this game is corrupt. But I think some people are simple stupid.
Topic: Announce: reduction of fleet debris | 12 August 2021 22:43:57
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Super good idea.
People buy PREMIUM to get 10% more. now get them less.
I love it.
I only can hope. people cancel premium after.
Topic: Ankündigen: Überarbeitung der Besiedlung | 4 March 2021 00:14:04
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JA klar. nachdem ich die tehb OPS gespied hatte
und bereit war ihnen alle zu stehlen.
weil sie uns alle wegnehmen.
Arle toss.
STARKE alliancen können überall ocupy machen.
Die kleinen alliancen sind gef.i........
Tehb hat bald 80 OPS von uns.
um ihre ARea zu vergößern damit sie im Congress die mehrheit behalten.
OTR wird da ganz schön gef. mit unseren OPS.
Topic: CANON POWER / destruction of OPS defence | 16 February 2021 16:17:11
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Hello Admins.
Gravity Gun shooting OPS Defence.
You did a change in Fleet and Defence points.
Because of "Battleexperiance" ships still count and show OLD Value.
But sum does not correlate with fleet size points.
NOW - We are shooting OPS Defences.
AND oh wonder.
Spy show - destruction does not correlate with power of gun and lost
Structure in OPS.
MEANS a spy shows 370K less structure. Even it should be 540K less structure
in that time. ( I think because of changes in Defence / Planetary Defence Points )
The point nerv was extreme change. So I think you did not calculate
all points depending and affecting this change in game ?
Is this possible?
Topic: Inflation | 29 January 2021 22:39:09
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UncleanOne, Reaction time 1 minute. Would love this happen if we post an important bug.
And it shows - oposite to VASJA's posts
they are not interrested in solving inflation rate.
As inflation is a tool to get rid from unwanted players.
Topic: Inflation | 29 January 2021 22:23:02
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Dear admins. 4 - 2- 1 was resource ratio
now it is more like 11 - 5,5 - 1
1 . The time with low production and cheaper mines
The people who knowed it is only for short time - used for mine Upgrades.
extorbitant numbers of player grow from 8 to 16 mio points.
So in fact - mine productio Rised X2 because of your BALANCE that time.
2. The new Politic menu. SIC.
Because of that new feature we saw very much accaunt pumping.
Wich caused in inflation of Player size in this game.
At least 50 player we saw growing from 8 to 16 million points in a view weeks.
To get in SIC.
3. The new REsource EXCHANGE rate.
In former times - many people used Metall or mineral Exchange for getting HC.
The difference to the market in trading was not such big.
NOW near no one does anymore.
So very much less Vespene in markets.
People who changed resources into vespene for less needed cargo space
or simple for faster selling. don't do anymore.

SO the inflation is house made. And very easy to solve.
IF you want to do.
Instead searching for solution - wich is very easy.
Again you try to BALANCE all to smal shit new player.
Wich stopped working.
Most player stoped big invests in hc. Because of to much game changes
made near all invests worthless.
Only toss can fly "cheap" and fight hard. so all other races only MINE.
The resource Xchange has to get reset to former standart.
GATE ranges - only 4 alliances are allowed to have gates all places.
IN PAST we all could fly through galaxy.
The times SOME player are only the FOOD would stop with gate changes
to former settings. ( range of level 2 - 100 systems and fly for free )
This would allow - also big RAIDER have to pay back. And degrese point inflations.
that are just some ideas wich stop inflation fast.
Topic: Bug collission speed and time | 29 November 2020 00:27:18
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AND AGAIN we had same shit .
To much dunkles at same orbit - the game stops.
Game menus do not open. Galaxy view do not open.
Different view and speed failors.

In fact it is not possible to move 10 dunkles simultan same ORBIT.
Topic: Änderung bei Piraten | 12 November 2020 21:59:50
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Die Änderung ist voll Durchdacht.
2017 war die Piraten grenze bei 30.
später 200 dann 300
mittlerweile halt auf 900.
Genau wie die "Agression" mit dem hintergrund das Ihr mühselig piraten sammelt,
davon schiffe baut - die die Admin spieler dann zerstören, die debris verkaufen und die Hyderian
dann in Rubel zurück tauschen.
IHR SEID hier nur "futter". Wenn ihr piraten "sammelt".
Warum kapiert das niemand ? Piraten jäger sind so eine gute und einfache beute.
speziell wenn mit Flaggschiffen gejagdt wird. Die können schließlich nicht abhauen.

So werden eure feinde immer stärker durch die kampferfahrung,
während ihr immer mehr zeit braucht um piraten zu sammeln. um zeit zu verschwenden !
jagdt spieler oder verlasst das spiel. ganz einfach.
Topic: Bug collission speed and time | 6 November 2020 00:00:40
Message #14
Nels, your alliance is a total fake
And Cemeh answer is a joke.
Like at sending 200 fleets to 1 point - the game stopps.
I told it stops same with such much dunkles same place.
But it seems admins are not interrested in facts.
With fleets you have the SPAM filter.
With dunkles not.
And I think you should count beprobis Dunkles.
As it he has much more than the maximum allowed amount.
Topic: Fleet gas consomption | 1 June 2020 04:53:10
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Calm down.
it is only preparation to make us all spending 19 USD per month.
unfortunately I think per race.
With that you will get 10% advantages to most teran tools
And higher production and less fuel use.

OF course still much more shit - than before vasjas crash down of production.
but you will get near 70% power back.
Of course we all want reality pushs his Ideas down the toilette.
But even it does. he will find new ways to crash this project.
Topic: Hydarian is tied to the US dollar | 31 March 2020 15:57:27
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REALY ??????  I am german capital list. There is NO absolute No production company what has more than 5% profitability.
Your 10 - 25% are more than the German Bank has. the biggest Bank house in the world. You are Greedy.
Possible you have to much people want a piece from cake.  LEss admins - less game changes - less costs ! ! !
The screen shows 1,9 cent per USD - netto.  without any costs or VAT.  And you go for 2 cent. wich is even more .

seems like ever you calculate different.
1000 hc = 27,96 Euro as 1 USD is 0,91 Euro
we pay 30,67 USD
Seems unfortunately you are 30% more expensive even VAT is 19%

AS payment costs grow with you.
I remember times 1000 HC was 19,67 Euro.  now it is 30% more.
and in game prices got 1000 times upwards, too
So what ever inflation in russia is. You call it coruption.
The ingame seems to be 1000 times bigger. Right ?
And payment costs of more than 20% are absolute illegal in Europe. just as info.
Topic: Недобаланс дунек | 13 March 2020 22:43:02
Message #11
We know you as cheater.  You selve are one of the people who earn most money here.
You made us weaker.  how to defend the big assholes now ?
Topic: Dota Planet | 3 October 2019 02:40:03
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Quote: whbloom
ss accounts have a m

MAN. go to normal english speaking ally. we know such shit.
You find that dota planet only in expedition.
And who to hell is your tutor please ?
Guess its tii ?
Topic: stolen officers | 10 January 2019 15:47:31
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Nessaja,   Russian economy is such bad,
street whores get more and more expensive in russia. so Vasja needs to pay more.
As he is a greedy person he steal officer. wich we already bought.
Every one spending money for officer is a stupid ....
I had all level 10 in past. At all races. They stole all.

Also Superstations - they do steal soon.
they simple give 1 ship ability to destroy with one shot.
Topic: Announcement of changes in missions | 4 December 2018 21:35:08
Message #8
Thank you soo much.
so we have no chance anymore. again you support top 100 player.
they now easy destroy every gate, al-station, spacestation, moon, ops
and whatever we have builded.

For sure this is a russian game.

Topic: Buildings can be increased | 28 September 2018 18:03:16
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Victoria,  This does not solve the problem.
buildings still stacked over and over.
reset only makes other sorting and all absolute wild.

Topic: Commander, Emperor and harvesters | 22 September 2018 18:49:09
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Quote: Victoria
are waiting for offers of

THIS is stupid. we never get emperor.
The officers ever get reset to 0 before we can buy.
so all changes in emperor are only for top 10 wich have level 30.
You call that balance ?

Reset costs of emperor, too.
take all bigguns officer , too
Pirate officer and emperor. similar at xerj.
big guns also need to start at 0

Topic: When do you get the Asenholsen | 10 June 2018 23:30:14
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Quote: Varkolak
m" in the top menu bar and check the officers at the bottom of the premium page. There you find the Asenholsen for 100 Hydarian Crystals. This price is only for the first level as far as I know and may increase afterwards.

Mudkips are very nice ships. super fast and good power.
BUT attack power got reduced. Fuel use got increased.
To have some is a good choise.
To have 30.000 like in past - not.

Topic: Tetris | 9 June 2018 00:13:51
Message #4
all officer are waisted money. I had near all at level 10.
Vasja took all and gave me 50% of hc back.
And cost for rebuy grow so much that I have some level 6
some 0.

Only battle experiance points are important.
all other stuff is wasted money.

No secure invest.
buying all officer you need 5000 Euro.
that would be a lot high end games for playstation and such. :D