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Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 19 April 2019 00:47
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All of these changes are terrible... 

Cancellation of fleet storage:
This makes the game incredibly unpleasant and tedious to play. How are you supposed to collect many many (dozen) millions of resources for some upgrades? All of it *always* has to be on expedition? We don't have enough expedition slot for that and sending it forth and back all the time is not only expensive, but also very annoying. I just recalled an expedition and immediately started losing 1,500,000 res per minute... what we had before was such an elegant and smart solution... 

Change of gate range:
If you want to change the range for NEW gates, then that's bad, but well, ok... changing it for EXISTING gates completely breaks the gate networks / routes that alliances have spent *years* building. There's not even an easy way to fix it. Two gates may now be at a distance of 99. Building an additional gate *exactly* in the middle between those two may not be possible at all (for example, all planets in that system might be taken so you cannot make moons there). Upgrading all existing gates to twice their previous level is also barely possible due to their cost... 
Changes like these are a reason to stop playing.

Such BS... now I can spend 1000 hc to get 3% or 6% of what I had before for free? That's an expensive officer due to its requirements... 
Topic: Small QoL: easier access to fleet options | 19 February 2019 01:39
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It would be nice if we could access the fleet options directly from the confirmation box, like this:

In many cases, we want to share *every* flight (e.g. when hunting pirates in an alliance area).
So we have to send it, then we have to find it in the list with maybe 15or more other flights (I heards some players have 30 flight slots?) to share it.
It's easy to share a wrong flight accidentally - and there is no way to "un-share" it... 

This little box would make things a lot more convenient.
Topic: Scheduled Maintenance Notification | 6 December 2018 18:08
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I think this should be posted in "Announcements" instead of "Balance" (for the next maintenance announcement :))?