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Topic: Price of the accelerator | 16 November 2019 01:31
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At the rate that they keep screwing things up in the name of "balance" it wont take long that to be the new meme or insult... Greed and incompetence is all they are good for. Quit supporting the greed bastards and maybe the game will die off or they will finally pull their heads out of their ass and quit stealing from their customer base... That would be the day... but a player can dream...
Topic: Paysafe card | 16 November 2019 01:26
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If they quit screwing people over, maybe they could keep a payment gateway active for a change. They keep loosing paypal as well. They repeatedly screw people over, they get reported and then loose the ability to use that method due to getting charge backs and fraud reports. Why do you think they are dropping the methods that allow a charge back. They keep getting charge backs for stealing from the plays. A Simple solution is simply not to donate and let this game die. Its not like it will last long if they keep "balancing" things the way that they are.
Topic: Lost research | 16 November 2019 01:19
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The "Balance" mod struck yet again. I cant agree more about it being time to find a new game and dont bother donating to support this one.

The balance mod's purpose seems to be to rape and pillage our hard won achievements and money... not necessarily in that order. I mean the least they could do is ship us some lube before they fuck us... Just saying they didn't even buy us dinner or a movie first... 
Topic: computer tehnology | 16 November 2019 01:17
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The "Balance" mod struck yet again.
The balance mod's purpose seems to be to rape and pillage our hard won achievements and money... not necessarily in that order. I mean the least they could do is ship us some lube before they fuck us... Just saying they didn't even buy us dinner or a movie first...
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 15 November 2019 00:19
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I cant help but agree with that others here have said. I have told people to quit donating as they will only be stolen from time and time again in the name of "balance" so they have to donate more to recover what was stolen from them. You constantly adjust the cost of items forcing us to purchase more to maintain our current levels and ability to play this game. New players are forced to buy crystals or fall behind and be virtually unable to play and grow. Your acts of "balance" are plain and simple theft and killing the game. I have advised friends and game mates to look for other games to play simply to avoid anymore of the theft and hack jobs you call balance.
The balance editors here are plain and simple greedy and incompetent hacks. I have patiently tried figuring out things out and looking at things from the game developer and balance editors point of view, however try as I may, I simply can not wedge my head up my ass that far! The repeated changes and nerfs to the game only serve to force donations for you to steal NOT TO DEVELOP OR BALANCE THIS GAME AS CLAIMED.

I plan to contact the financial institutions used to make the donations and initiate charge backs and fraud on all funds spent, and complaints regarding the game itself to paypal, and other financial institutions used to process your payments to help prevent others from being stolen from.

If you plan to keep making "balance" mods to the game like this, how about at least sending your donators a tube of lubricant first... at least then we can lube up first before we get bent over and fucked! I mean since we are not getting dinner and a movie first, its the least you can do...
Topic: Do Pirates/NPC's fight by the same rules? | 17 March 2019 08:43
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Most players do not account for the different levels of simulation that can be as much as 50% off. In order to be mostly accurate, coach level 3, a premium officer must be purchased and then spend 1000 vespene a simulation, otherwise the results are badly off...
As a general rule, I double what no coach says I need to take no losses. With coach level 1 add 50% of the fleet, with coach 2 add 25% of the fleet, and coach 3 is mostly accurate but does not account things like scourge, or player issuing commands. So it can be a tiny bit off.
Tech levels do play a major part in things and even 2 levels difference can mean loosing a battle in an otherwise winnable battle. You need to pay attention to the techs... 
Pirates normally are level 12 on weapons / armor / shields, 10 on admiral, and then you have the various tech that apply by race such as laser / plasma, acid / metal spike, etc. These can range from 10-20 on some pirates and scene players. These apply from base ships so if you want to spend the time, you can calculate out what the real specs are on the various fleets you attack before hand but it is very time consuming.
Topic: New design of the human race ships | 21 February 2019 21:31
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PlayDragon,Quad_L_Raider, I couldn't agree more.

We do not need flashy new stuff, we need the stuff we have now to work. This is one of biggest issues with new players staying. The reason you gave is one of the top mistakes made by new players, which leads to them rage quitting. I had to talk to one of my alliance members and explain the tough luck and harsh nature of the game only couple weeks into playing the game because of exactly that.

Some thing else that will greatly help, would be if mentors that were assigned to these new players actually did their job.

Victoria, you may be busy with administrative duties, but you are also one of the mentors I hear the most complaints about for not responding or ignoring players. You were automatically assigned to me when I started. I changed mentors immediately because I do not believe you can do both at once. How many others are you assigned to? Can you actually do the job of mentoring, as time consuming as it is along with your administrative duties? I personally find that very difficult to believe, with the amount of work that goes into mentoring and and answering questions for the new players which can be many. Or are you simply collecting the benefits and prestige without doing the work? Though it is not just you alone I call out and ask those questions to, but ALL of the other mentors as well. If you cant, or do not want to do the job, remove yourself from it. Plain and simple. There are a few excellent mentors out there, I have met. However these few cant do the job alone and are usually overwhelmed by sheer volume of need.

I question this mentor situation strongly as I as a newer player myself, who still has much to learn, have had to start mentoring new players, because someone dropped the ball, when far more knowledgeable players are out there. I never found a mentor that was worth having until I was well over the 25k point mark where most players are considered to understand basics, yet I was still learning them. So how many others are there that have found the same situation to be true among the new players. How many are leaving due to frustration over this? There is a reason beyond activity and staying in the game most alliances refuse players under a specific point level. This basic understanding and training is exactly it.

So my thoughts here are fix whats broken before worrying about what is not. The graphics are fine as they are. Spend the time and resources on real issues first!