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Topic: Changes with ark | 3 September 2020 09:18
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Quote: Victoria
- only one member can transfer the samples at the same time;

This here has to change it's not fun, it's super unrealistic and serves no real purpose to make it so the timer does not count down when friends and allies are there at the same time. It just makes it frustrating because allies go there and park for 10 hours.

Making time interrupt when there is battle or enemies show up is okay but not for allies or alliance members.
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 7 November 2019 19:37
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This is just fucking stupid, greedy fuckwits.

Sailor Moon and computer technology
Topic: Available Fields | 5 July 2019 21:22
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Семен, Yes I know this and was doing so last night but now I cannot anymore because there is a 24hr timer?

EDIT: What a rip off...just noticed posting in this forum for answers cost 1 scummy.
Topic: Available Fields | 5 July 2019 19:05
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Last night I found a specific planet I want and was colonizing and abandoning it to recolonize in an attempt to get 300+ fields.  Was working just fine now today I come back to try some more and after abandoning it it wont let me recolonize like I was doing last night?

I have this message,

This is an abandoned object. It will disappear within 23h 39m 03s

Whats this timer I suddenly have? There wasn't one last night.
Topic: 28 days inactivity | 20 March 2019 18:12
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Dunno two changes seem kind of counter productive.

Disabling newbie protection after 7 days is kind of short.

You can attack players in your own alliance, what's the point of being in an alliance if you turn around and attack your fellow members?

You shouldn't be allowed to attack fellow members just like how in mmo's you can't attack guild members.