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Topic: Expeditions | 14 June 2020 08:34
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LordVaderport, not much, you just need to look for all the information. :)

Topic: Multiple Races on One Planet | 8 June 2020 06:19
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As all the players has the ability to have 3 accounts: Terran, a Xerj, and a Toss; why we don't have one console for that, as same as you can jump from a planet to other you can see easy all your species without Log out then Log in. In that way can clear all the multi account user then play in a fair way.

For a future development can find a way to combine the technology then can use a multiple advantages as a free arbiter we can create fully different species. with a mix of troupes and technology.
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Hi guys,

i have a new user of toss as i passed the mission and i got the key for new user, then i pay 1000 H to open it. AND NOW, after this funny update i have the flowing situation: Each mine to upgrade on level i need one month of resources. and the question is comes: How many new players can join a new game to logon once a 7 days for a month and build one level of the mine. what game is this?

i don't understand the logic but basically we cant build any fleet and any other buildings.
Beside the modification are clearly targeted for some "friends"

1. Reducing the cost of Gas Lake Xerjs by a factor of 10.
2. The cost of Human Geyser and Xerjs Gas Lake has been reduced by about a third.

The current cost for the buildings, research and fleet are basically impossible on current value.

Do to all this crazy things, i decide to close my account. How to get the money back from the current crystal i purchase? Please advice.
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Hi guys, what is this crap:

-The production of classic mining buildings has been reduced by 6 times: Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Nexuses.
-Development of "new" resource-extracting buildings was reduced by 2 times: Well, Lake, Geyser, Holes.
-Consumption of Vespene reactor was reduced from 10 to 3.
-The production of the Rectification tunnel has been reduced by 4 times.
-The production of droids has been reduced by about 8 times.
-The number of pirate fleets at coordinates has been increased by 25%. (only form 1 to 900 rest of the area is empty)
-The base percentage of fleet repair is increased by 10: from 15 to 25%.
-We've halved asteroid production

and now:

-The price of classic mining buildings has been reduced by about 3 times: Mines, Refinery, Incubator, Canal.
-The price of "new" mining buildings has been reduced by about 2 times: Well, Lake, Geyser, Holes

Where is the difference? who is give my resources back? if you have a problem with the big players you can close their accounts and they maybe search you home to pay the retribution. but the rest of the players have no fault!!!
Topic: OPS with delivery: update of the 6th quest | 12 May 2020 09:46
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Hi, i think is a bug, for the mission 6 the OPS disappeared after about 3 months say new OPS is coming soon.
Now is nothing.

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Hi guys ,

i don't want to make a big deal but as per current status i need 10 years to upgrade the mine to next level. if you think i will stay in this game for 10 years to change one level of one mine, you have a very good impression about your plans. you have an extra 25 % of pirate concentrate in your area. i have no pirate no way to develop. if you need more money create more dynamic game. you do all the time opposite. If you stop the top players (all the players) to monetize from the crystals you will have enough money to go forward.

This one is more fun! i need 20 years for Mineral mine. Taking in consideration i have 9 planets and i need an average 30 years resources for each of my planets is mean i have to play this game for the next 270 years to go to next level of mines. :))

Topic: Information about pirates | 21 November 2019 06:30
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As per this information i should have pirates in my area, but for about one month is "0", it is mean they concentrate pirate at the dense populated area, not on the hole map. It is mean the Admin is manually allocate the "recurses".
Topic: Multiaccounting | 20 September 2019 13:07
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I have a player next to me who has 3 users, he has been developed a very good strategy to attack with all the users at once. do to this cheat no any regular user ca stand in front of him. Hi's constantly outlawed because he can easily attacking big users. Do to my position I'm his farm. i can't develop and i can't play because he is constantly attacking me.

My question is: If you allowing users to have multiple accounts is fine because you can't fully control that. But when they attacking one target with multiple users is not fair and the game is a big cheat.
How i can play if one guy next to me has 3 users with troops prepare for attack all the time?
Why you don't ban this users?
What the game admin is doing?

Please check the battle report!
Topic: NO PIRATE FLEETS | 12 September 2019 11:27
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Hi guys,

I do not find pirates in the area, to gather resources and to evolve. From this point I need for every two months to collect all the resources to upgrade one mine. So next year I will gather resources to upgrade my mines. Still the depletion is faster than the development, it means that in the next two years I will be able to grow. We relay need bigger pirates around each player in order to have something to do.
Topic: Gravity Gun got the new ability | 5 September 2019 16:11
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Victoria, how to attack a sun template with the gravity gun? I try by using the 3D coordinate from spy reports, but doesn’t work. Please advise!