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Topic: Where do we put in a trouble ticket | 21 June 2020 00:58
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Yeah sorry to hear bro, they don't compensate for anything as well, so you just screwed out of ships because developers are shit, but keep spending your money, maybe in another 10 years they might get game that works.
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Your right I am so sorry, your highness, I won’t say any more mean words towards our great developers. I mean what generous rulers would make Dunks cost some much and then make them obsolete.
You are right though, there is no way for new accounts to get active satellites, no way at all. Without going to premium page or getting them from an active member already (but other than those no way). Also yes making satellites would cost resources ( which we don’t have since production and farming killed) so basically as rough as making dunk. I forgot our devs are perfect and never let anyone exploit the game, I mean they even ban people with no evidence so my mistake.