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Topic: Minerals | 14 November 2020 01:03
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Have minerals been changed as my production mysteriously has gone up?
Id this is the case then you owe me as it was not announced.
Topic: Ripper | 25 July 2020 19:22
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Thank you Семен

I look forward to your addition of storage during a future release.

Also am I not entitled to a reward for this suggestion?
Topic: Ripper | 25 July 2020 10:13
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Thank you Семен

There is already an option for storage for rippers I think you are missing my point

I have played for nearly 6 months and would not class myself as an experienced player and I figured it out from what I know.
As a new person who has never played they stand little chance and can waste a lot of Vespen.

Moving your ripper.
Build enough space to house your storage around 5 free fields is required, this can be done via creating Luna Bases.
Build storage to hold 1,000,000 vespen. This is the minimum amount of storage required to move your Ripper
This will involve a 4-5 hour delay whilst your Ripper warms up for the jump.
Ensure you have at least 1 crystal as this is required.

I have not got any further than that so I will see what other surprises are in store.

Simply taking a few screen shots and saying it is documented does not help new players.

The vast majority of advice comes from player experience when it should be from the dev team
Topic: Ripper | 25 July 2020 02:54
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Do you really think a new player understands the concept of having a Rippers?
To move your ripper costs 1 million vespene and 1 crystal.
So you send 1 million vespene to the ripper to move it.
What it does not imply is if you want to move it you have to have enough space to store it in the first place because your ripper does not allocate this resources straight away and takes 4 hours to be ready to use it.
Luckily for me I have enough fleet to absorb this resource.
You have given a big gun with a drill attached to new players who have no idea what they have or how to use it. Being an ex developer we used to have this thing called documentation.
Strangely when we changed a piece of software we explained what the changes we made done. You want to try and make money from an obvious failing product but if there is no explanation of how things work then you are pushing your product even closer to failure. If people cannot understand how to use something they will leave. So you will get a temporary boost and a massive fall off. Hey at the end of the day I dont really care I have a job.

Ps I am posting this in all forums ban me restrict I no longer care you do not help new users who pay
Topic: Expeditions | 14 June 2020 03:14
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I have level 2 in expeditions research but can only send 1. What am i missing.