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Topic: dont you like the people that play | 30 May 2020 20:58
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ok i am reasonably new here but in the time i played i got my mines up to where i could afford to run my ships around then you nerfed them making it so hard to actually fly them around with no warning i may add. you tweak this and that at will now you messed with build times making them so much longer how are we actualy supposed to progress here because as a new player i feel like i am going backwards faster than forwards now. put building times back and at least increase vespene production so we can actually do something without waiting and waiting for it to build up to make that flight. yes i have bought hc in the past but doubtfully i will again and as for spending hc to post on a forum thats bullshit if you ask me rip us off her there and everywhere more corrupt here than every government in the world put together.