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Topic: Accelerated colonization | 19 October 2022 04:10:02
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Marek, it probly means if theres been a battle and its timed out and there is 1 left out of it as an example instead of him having to do the maths on the exact amount
Topic: FUCK THIS GAME | 14 October 2022 00:12:56
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i am with u on this one how is it fair a 56mil player can hit a 100k player there is no fight in it
Topic: ops changes again without anouncing it | 10 October 2022 20:11:38
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what is with all the changes and not telling us about it you have changed the rules on ops again and not said a word about it now if you want a ops you have to be the owner of the planet it is above to take it cutting out alot of the ops avialabe to us due to inactive players/ non communiative due to the things happenign in ukraine right now starting to get pissed of with these silent changes they arnt improvments they are how to kill the active player base change this back to how it was