Unbalence at Quest 6, Distance are too fare for a verry lot of players

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Dear Victoria,

I see so many information about “balance“ now, but whats happend with the balance for the Quest 6?

When I start this game I had no choise about the system I will start! I get [4:907:5] !
But now after I build a lot of ships, buildings and so on I come to a point at Quest 6 where I start to think about why!

I´ve no problem to transport a lot of Material to fare Planets, it´s also unbalance but OK.

But now I´ve to attack successful “Tony_Montana_pirate” on planet [12:121:2] !!!!

Did you ever think about how many Vespene do I need to attack him from my location????

I can tell you with an example:
Distance is 786,162 DE, with a fleet from300 Bomber and 250 Destroyer I´ll need 18,497,750 Vespen and 750 Large Cargo for transporting nearly 19 Mio. Vespen, unbelievable !!!!

If I´m more lucky and I start the game for Example at system [10:120:0] how many Vespen will I need for the same fleet to attack??? Think about this, totally unbalanced!!!!

Why not do it like at Quest 5, there are the pirate positions nearby! And this for all players!

And please don´t tell me to build a colony nearby Montana! What will it cost to build the infrastructure and a fleet there, unbalanced????

I hope I can get an answer soon
28 September 2015 21:00:37
28 September 2015 21:00:37
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unbalance evrywere the hangar just is too costy they reduced 200 fas points of it in just a week or 2 time period
29 September 2015 03:15:44
29 September 2015 03:15:44
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This game is un-balanced in many places.
It is like they really don't know how to do things,
So they do something and if it does not please them
they change it.

I have seen so many errors in this game, I would be very sad if I had to pay for it.
29 September 2015 06:44:40
29 September 2015 06:44:40
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Quote: joey666xxx
Did you ever think about how many Vespene do I need to attack him from my location????

What do you propose to do to improve the situation?
29 September 2015 09:07:53
29 September 2015 09:07:53
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Group guest
Dear Victoria,

I was also thinking about how to balance this.

I remember, before I get some attack from Montana to my capital!
The pirate needed each time only around 2 or 3 hours to me.
If you can program this for the players in the same way and fix the Vespene need on the flight time,
then the Vespene need is only related to the ships type and the volume of the ships.
Then each player, doesn't matter where he/she is located, will have the same possibility, balanced!
29 September 2015 09:31:05
29 September 2015 09:31:05
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There is more, another worst with this continuation of pirate attack.
It will tell you to go to 100:666 at a void and wait for Montana ship (a Jonunn) that spawns randomly at unknown hours so u require a decent sized fleet and travel distance burning much vesp.
Go check that place out and after seeing what's around that place you will roll your eyes and call out epic fail.
It's full of high points players and unless ur in their coalition or alliance of theirs you can forget about ever finishing this quest.
Absolutely almost impossible to finish because your fleet standing by will be utterly decimated by the locals there.
3 October 2015 07:53:44
3 October 2015 07:53:44
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yasterday i got 50 k
today i open the game then i found my points 49 k
what's the reson ??!!
29 October 2015 09:56:47
29 October 2015 09:56:47
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PLEASE allow
that two or more ally (or friends) attack (or waiting at 100:666:6) at the same time Jouann at 100:666:6
and all finish 6. quest (mission)

attacking Jouann is very difficult.
I must succeed in first attempt.

all debris from the battle harvest (steal) big players around 100:666:6
2 May 2016 14:56:46
2 May 2016 14:56:46
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This is very rude. Why is there no answer to the above questions at 100: 666: 6? Only confirm that the 6th quest (mission) is possible to quit though Strong players the coordinate Defend. Thank you
17 April 2017 11:20:17
17 April 2017 11:20:17
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Anybody  knows when can I find Tony Momtana at 106:666 coordinates ?
2 November 2017 19:57:49
2 November 2017 19:57:49
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the proposed solution is in the very first post - make more places where the quest event can happen and either have the player choose or automatically pick one close to their capital.
1 April 2018 13:39:58
1 April 2018 13:39:58


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