Open voting: to porn or not to porn — ban offensive avatars

yes i have the right to choose what i see - 0 (0%)

no i'm a horny pervert - 0 (0%)

don't care not a pervert but i like titty - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 1.

get your poro here or elsewhere

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Group guest
i have complained about this avatar as offensive
i was told the game has a 21+ certificate!!!
i do not recall this being present when i registered
my 15yr old son who registered at 13 was not asked his age


21 or not i'm here to play the game not be subjected to elicite images (which you have no choice when looking at planet activity it is right there)
i'm 42 and can choose to look at and do as i wish in my own home
gone are the days of going to the news agent or video store to purchase this kind of entertainment
but if i wish to do this it should be my choice not some avatar that forces another persons conscience on me

so i'm putting this to a vote please vote on what you know to be right! if you like porn there is loads available elsewhere!
16 March 2017 18:38:28
16 March 2017 18:38:28
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Group guest
Don't be stupid, my friend!
17 March 2017 14:43:45
17 March 2017 14:43:45
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Group guest
i'm not being stupid cyrano 
i'm making a serious point on morality 
ps i'm not your friend
18 March 2017 12:23:14
18 March 2017 12:23:14
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Group guest
freedom of choice give you the right to do as you please 
but why force that on me and effect my choice???
18 March 2017 12:28:48
18 March 2017 12:28:48


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