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Information about pirates

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The current parameters of the pirates is announced according to the probability of occurrence of these units.

Max - the maximum number of units in the pirate fleet;
Rarity - probability of occurrence of units of this type in the pirate fleet per 1000 units.

These parameters differ from those calculated by BE according to rarity, but in general the average probable debris from 1 pirate does not significantly differ from the calculated one.

The calculated debris is equal to 108k in the vespene equivalent; the current debris is 109k.

100 pirates are appeared every 5 minutes (there were 200).

Now, the amount of resources thrown on the server is equal to 22.9% of the current server output, which was deemed acceptable during the discussion.

Adddress your questions to balance editor.
16 July 2017 15:47
16 July 2017 15:47
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TEHB member - ex silence boss is absolute not possible as balance editor.
THAT is a no go.
And a deal breaker

16 July 2017 17:27
16 July 2017 17:27
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Sorry but I can not continue to play a game at which a player is an advisor and in the administrative. Thia is unacceptable. Now I understand why the new rules are always against low rated and new players.

You cut the appreance rate of the pirates again with 50% to kill all small players. Good luck with your few big players; from now on I am out!
16 July 2017 17:43
16 July 2017 17:43
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Hi Victoria,

a balance editor should be a neutral person.
Noone of the big alliances should hold such a position.

When will you Russians ever understand, that corruption is not the normal way of life?
Correct, correct would be when admins are not allowed to play anyway.

Take for example online poker sites or online casinos:

they all have it in their rules that no employee or family member of an employee can use the poker room or casino as player.

They do that for a reason.

And the reason is to prevent corruption.

How many years / centuries will it need until Russians understand that too ?

Your new balance editor was leader of Silence alliance and now is member of Tehb.

How can this person be neutral ??
16 July 2017 18:54
16 July 2017 18:54
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Funny. Tehb is running wild, do what they want - like attacking service fleets
CAM likes to do for example.
And than they call big player to protect that guy.
And now they are doing the balance settings ?
Wow - every time I think this game can't be more stupid, Admins surprise me again.

Ururper Pirat at 13th July : 572235 Metall, 408615 Mineral
Ursurper Pirat today : 327765 metal and 322185 minerals
We all should stop that game
16 July 2017 20:46
16 July 2017 20:46
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I say we all start new games.  Run till we hit 25000 points, then delete and start over.
If everyone is under 25000 most of the idiot tax do not apply.
Then let the big guys chew on that.

Still fun, until they remove the newbie protection.
18 July 2017 02:21
18 July 2017 02:21
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Information about pirates
20 July 2017 12:33
20 July 2017 12:33
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As per this information i should have pirates in my area, but for about one month is "0", it is mean they concentrate pirate at the dense populated area, not on the hole map. It is mean the Admin is manually allocate the "recurses".
21 November 2019 06:30
21 November 2019 06:30


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