War Politics Actions., It is a option to determinate war actions on system.

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According to determinates factors on war actions.
System been in danger, it is representative of a military production.
Production factors envolve.

Politics actions.

   A) Factions in side the system, it is to determinates, what kind of actions will be neccessary to employ?
   B) Reduces production inside system, will give victory.(decrement)
   C) Being stragic on the way to produce resources.
   D) Taken over diplomatic actions.

29 September 2017 18:06:02
29 September 2017 18:06:02
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To accurate the system many operatiives has been placed on coordenates; it is necessary to asegurate the resources and the production itself; the commerce give good result to develop the inside proyects; even the alliances internal development will grow and the victory will be ours.
22 June 2018 01:21:13
22 June 2018 01:21:13
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It is intolerable, againts a opositor; I was trying to negociate but was no posible, now the is a battle tab; to destroy a system, let support please.-

Atte.- Central Comand; Federada International; 
           Stablish conection; Packege. Confederada Faction have accept a treatment on commerce.-
             Battle start on a cicle.-
7 July 2018 01:04:10
7 July 2018 01:04:10


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