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Fire Power Station, Big guns advantage

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Dear Admins.
I calculated costs to destroy a planet.
Than I invested resources to do. first with Matriarch - later with station.
I builded station and canon and graviton tech.
you changed firepower with 100 % advantage to big player.
Today I just have less than 10% of Firepower I had yesterday.

After research Matriarch to destroy planets you closed this possiblitlity.
So I builded station. Now you closed this, too
And you changed TELEPATIST, too. Now can see fleets flying to cords.

So you denied to shot asteroids for us the second time.
AFTER I waited 2 month.
I think you know - how I feel now ?

I just say:  beware of angry woman. !
Already preparing a you tube video in my chanel.
11 January 2018 15:34
11 January 2018 15:34
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11 January 2018 17:22
11 January 2018 17:22


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