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reduced percentage of debris after battle

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I really want to answer, whether the administration is drugged or crazy, week after week, it's about destroying the game, the game has become impossible and boring, why????
6 February 2018 15:12
6 February 2018 15:12
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Game was awesome , just before a new year . all was fine and then just a little after holidays , all start to go down , really not nice , we just want to play and have fun , game is to slow , taxes , depletion , amortization , production , fly , all this so unnecessary , on the place to make game much fun and joy , now its not even worth to go on pirates , cost of gas for fly is to high , and all for what ,Please stop be egoist and give us to play and have fun and you will benefit from this , I am working 25 years in hospitality and costumer services , and if costumer want to buy some thing you provide hem so you will make profit , this game can be awesome , really can and it is , just make it like was before new years eve and all fine .PLEASE .simple request your benefit . 

even for you credit , its bin added some good things , also have to be say , no question about that , some improvement to ,some new things are also nice , so game is not getting old and for that you Vasia deserve compliment and thank you , but Bro , please make game like it was , interesting and fun like use to be , you can do it , so we all can be happy .
6 February 2018 21:19
6 February 2018 21:19


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