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Officer refund

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I have noticed that Xcraft have reduced the number of premium officers that many players have had, I assume that this is in some way due to the mysterious 'balance' which no body seems to understand except for the 'balance' usually involving some way of disadvantaging existing players, the changes usually involve some way in which Xcraft can justify the actions as the game being 'free'.

Premium officers are paid for in hard currency as there is no realistically practical way of obtaining enough HD to purchase premium officers at the higher levels.

Reducing the number of premium officers can be argued as a game change and acceptable, a refund to players of HD is also acceptable, as Xcraft has taken reasonable steps to introduce the changes.

However the refund MUST be the same as what was PAID for in HD in the original purchase, all these records are available to Xcraft admin so a precise and accurate figure for what HD was used for the purchases and therefore what must be returned to the player.

Any refund given for HD which is less than what was used intially is THEFT and as such players are entitled to contact their payment provider ie Xsolla for a full refund of ALL monies paid from the start

Xcraft have tried to compensate for the changes, if you look at Victoria Geolgist table you see they are offering x2 for the refund, which is a fair compensation in my opinion, however as usual they have put some idiot in charge of implentation ; 

Victoria's example shows a change from level 8 to level 4 and a refund of 135 HC

Using the refund table Victoria supplied lvl8 510 lvl 7 254 lvl 6 126 lvl 5 62  = 962 HC

Even when using the table as at straight swap 'what you paid you get back '  = 480 HC

An OK idea on how to change the game turned into outright theft from players

2 April 2018 21:42
2 April 2018 21:42


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