new prices may 2018, again price change

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By popular demand, I also publish a plan to increase prices from NovaArta.
Since May 1, 2018, the first levels of officers (the norm) equated instead of 25xd to half the dollar at the official rate. Further, if the dollar grows relative to the ruble, real-time prices will automatically increase. If the ruble grows, then prices will fall. The minimum price of the first level will be 25 hd.
Base orders prices are equivalent to $ 2.
Sets beginners will be from May 1 at a price of 3, 6 and 12 dollars, respectively.
Then every week after May 1, 2018, increase the "normative price," i.e. then what is right now costs 25хд for 1 cent to the moment when the first level of the officer will cost 1 dollar.
Orders to increase also once a week for 1 cent while the cost of the order does not come to $ 4.
Thus, starting from May 1, 2018, prices will immediately grow by 20%, and in a year they will double.

And last sentence tells not to translate in english forum.
Like last changes. Only russian knowed before.
21 April 2018 19:45:49
21 April 2018 19:45:49


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