Space is getting empty., Minimal players in the lower sectors.

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 As new players are being populated in higher and higher galaxy sectors, the lower sectors are becoming increasingly empty. Many new players leave the game early on, and so each new sector that is populated quickly becomes vacant. I ask if it may be a good idea to begin populating new players in the lower sectors once more, rather than continuing to populate ever higher sectors which also become relatively empty in a small amount of time.
 The large empty spaces make it harder to reach both combat and mission targets in the low sectors.... especially for newer players whose gas production may not be high enough to make the long flights between active targets. I understand that one can colonize in a lower sector if they wish to, but this still leaves vast stretches of empty space in the low sectors, and also many new or inactive players in the high sectors.
 It's just a thought :)
12 May 2018 01:06:58
12 May 2018 01:06:58


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