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Xerj Paywall Too Steep?

Do you think it's far to paywall so many Xerj ships?
No, we shouldn't be required to pay so much for flagships. - 7 (88%)

Yes, Xerj have more ships so it's kinda fair. - 0 (0%)

I didn't even notice or don't care - 1 (13%)

Total voted: 8

Xerj Premium Ships

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Why are Xerj lock out of nearly all of our flagships with a massive paywall? To unlock Leviathan, Gigashadow, and Gigalord we are required to have lv 10 Celestial shadow (~34,000 HC) PLUS 1-3 levels of mandrid. For Usurpers we need level 10 asenholsen (1000 HC). That's 4 ships without even counting the mudkip that needs 100HC to unlock. 

Humans only have the supernova star that requires you to buy officers and it only needs a collection of level 2-5 officers so it's considerably cheaper than unlocking mandrid.

I could understand if toss were paywalled since they are an elite "endgame" race but this huge difference between Humans and Xerj seems unfair and terribly balanced with the new value of HC.

My recommendation is that gigalord and leviathan be changed to require celestial shadow instead of mandrid, or allow us to unlock mandrid in a way that costs less than 1000HC such as lv 3 celestial shadow, admiral, and commander.
15 June 2018 21:59
15 June 2018 21:59


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