bugs harmful — Does it seem fair that always players pay for their mistakes?

Yes - 1 (33%)

No - 2 (67%)

Total voted: 3.

bugs constantly, many bugs and players pay for that

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Actually, the question of bug seems horrible to me.

There are errors constantly in the game, and it seems that the players are the culprits, as we always get hurt by their mistakes.

If the error is against you, it is your problem, but if the error is in your favor, be careful, as it can ruin you completely and end up forbidden or without anything.

I think they should start taking over their mistake and stop punishing the players for them.
30 December 2018 15:36:21
30 December 2018 15:36:21
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Group guest
I would say, it depends on.

If it is clearly visible to the player that he is taking an advance like getting a reward 100s of times and does not report it after testing, then maybe yes.
Also I can understand to do so because it seems that some are getting away with breaking rules all the time whcih is "motivating" to grab your own advantage where you can.

That is a bit complicated and I can understand both options.
That is why I crossed both: Yes/No

Actually I am hoping I do not break the rules and try to get my advantage by having 2 acounts - one of each free race and use them as allowed.

30 December 2018 16:13:56
30 December 2018 16:13:56
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Group guest

It depends on whether it was something casual and involuntary or if it was repetitive and intentional.

It was something casual and involuntary i think the player no must be baned.

I also think that they should devote more work to solving the bug and letting so much change in the game.
30 December 2018 16:44:12
30 December 2018 16:44:12


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