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Attacker and defenders point range

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If a player is at 75.000 points -
he can get defended up to 750.000 points.

But actual a 25K player attacked a 75K player
and if someone with 150K defends ( what is possible )
his ships do not fight.
This is a little stupid. as defending fleets take a defending slot from ally depot.
Why you changed that ?
Is it a Bug ?

And if 15 million point player attack me
my friend with 1 million scourges can not send defenders
if he is lower than 1.4 million in points ???
Why no anouncement ?  Changing batte mechanic without anouncement
is not nice. And only bothers us.
If admin wants he gets battle report

2 June 2019 20:54
2 June 2019 20:54


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