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Now: 22 September 2019 19:51
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Tribunal , How to use? can not use?

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On one of my OPS there is something called Tribunal, it has very vague instructions on how to use or if I can even use it. Says it teleports fleet from outer space to the tribunal, costing 1 million vespene, so I placed a fleet in orbit and . Then I tried going to the tribunal page on the OPS where it shows me the description, with wrong levels of building, but also like it doesn't exist or I can not use. Also switching to another planet, without the tribunal shows me the exact same page, not with an error saying that there is nothing there to teleport with.
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1 September 2019 10:23
1 September 2019 10:23
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The summon by the Tribunal is made in the Fleet menu.
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