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newbie protection, high churn rate

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Hi dear devs, as in Russia you are new to capitalism, I will explain a little what the companies social responsibility (CSR) is. The CSR of any company is the obtaining of profit. Well, the situation in which new players, who even spend money to buy resource ships etc, see how another player with years in the game (which remains in a low score) kill his entire fleet, makes player leave the game ipso facto. This is totally against CSR. A lost customer and therefore a lost sale is a waste of money, literally, I repeat it in case you do not understand it correctly, an unrealized sale is lost money.
To avoid the damage that these vulture players do , you should establish a newbie protection of at least 3 months or until reaching 100k points, whichever occurs first. During this protection period, players over 3 months old cannot attack you (unless you attack them first (how outlaw mode works)). With this measure there is more room for new players to learn a little more about the game and know how to save the coveted flagships.
With this simple measure, the rate of abandonment of the game would drop a lot among all those players who exceed the month of play and who usually leave the game after the first visit of these sidereal vultures of which the galaxy is full.

Best regard,

Adam Smith
23 February 2021 03:29:59
23 February 2021 03:29:59


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