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payment, payment links to US

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):

Paying - amazon payment methodic. not possible to change country.
Of course US does not allow german payments. We need a german amazon pay.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
I do not use VPN or other IP changer. so my IP also is german.

11 June 2021 22:27:05
11 June 2021 22:27:05
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I'm not involved with payments, so it's just a guess, but you're using English language in-game. What if you switch it to German for the payment?
11 June 2021 22:36:53
11 June 2021 22:36:53
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I changed language to german. that has not the effect.
The link is wrong
It transfers me to US amazon -
Its not possible to buy there.

THE LANGUAGE. I made bug report 3 times.
It shows english flagg for me.
US flagg for other people.
I know you love people hate us. But we are NO americans.
We only use English not American language.
And since 6 month no Admin change it. And its clear a bug.
IF different people see different Country .
11 June 2021 22:47:59
11 June 2021 22:47:59
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Good evening,

Paypal is also not working for several weeks now. This is the case for several players of our alliance. You walk through the payment process and when you click on "Pay now" it immediately jumps back to xcraft game. In my opinion too fast for something to happen. It doesn't matter if choose "credit card" or "direct debit from bank account" as payment method in the paypal dialog.

Country selection is set to the right country (Germany) in my case.

It worked before and I still can use my paypal account for other payments on other services. So something must have changed.

Can you take a look please?

Thank you and have a great sunny weekend.
18 June 2021 20:33:52
18 June 2021 20:33:52
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It doesn't work with me either

Dear ,
Your payment to Xcraft has been refunded.
Following are the details pf your refunded transaction:
Transaction ID PO-xxxxxxxxxx
Payment Date 11:30 AM (GMT) June 18,2021
Item Payment for 1500 hydarian
Amount Refunded €26.48
Status Successfully Refunded
It may take a few business days for you to receive the funds back on your bank account.
You're receiving this email because you made a purchase on FasterPay and FasterPay partners with Xcraft to provide secure payment processing. This payment will be displayed as "" on your bank statement.

Dear customer,
We would like to inform you that Paymentwall has detected a recent activity in your account that needs to be verified, which was the reason for your current charge to be declined. Please note we have issued a refund on your transaction and it may take up to 10 business days for the funds to appear back on your bank statement
Payment for 1500 hydarian
26.48 EUR
Reference Number:
Purchase Date:
Jun 18, 2021
Credit Card used:
In order to successfully verify your account and continue using our services, please submit the following documents:
Valid identification document (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.)
Please provide us with the photo captured copies of your valid identification document e.g. Passport Driver's License (front and back) or National ID card (front and back) with all details clearly visible, including all four edges
CC Copy
Please submit copies of the front and back sides of the Debit Card used for your recent purchase (Mastercard ending in xxxxx se additional cards.
You can attach the document(s) in your reply to this inquiry in picture format (JPEG). Please make sure each attached file does not exceed 10MB in size.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused you. We appreciate your patience and we are thankful for your cooperation regarding this matter.
18 June 2021 20:55:18
18 June 2021 20:55:18
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/I wouldn't do that if they paid me money a phone call to paypal is all they would get from me.
23 June 2021 15:28:29
23 June 2021 15:28:29
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HardStone, unfortunately, we cannot help you in this situation.
Try to select another payment method or contact the support of the aggregator of your choice.
9 July 2021 12:35:56
9 July 2021 12:35:56


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