Gate radius reduced to 10000, depletion increased

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Today the Gate's human teleportation radius is reduced from 25000 сkm to 10000 сkm.

The coefficient of depletion has been reduced from 2 to 1.8. The potential prediction is further for a larger reduction in the coefficient.

Depletion increased from the number of months to the power of 0.99 to 1.1

We continue course for the return of the political system. The Emperor's Inquisition is ready.
1 November 2021 15:04:49
1 November 2021 15:04:49
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You are destroying the game.

No business model will make money when you betray your most loyal and invested customers.
1 November 2021 16:56:15
1 November 2021 16:56:15
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I hope EVERY Allianz now attack every player who payed Premium.
That are now all enemy.
As they finance the stupid Ideas of our Glory imperor Vasja the First
Of "wolkenkuckucksheim".

Or is vasja in fact Alice in the wonderland ?
Might be possible as he need to pay woman. As we know from his old coments.

JUST FOR PROTOCOLL . The hole world now has inflation. Of course best idea to rise prices.
This time no one will pay 20 Euro for doing 1 stupid flight.

Its clear. Ex - Komunists can not realy deal with kapitalist system.
1 November 2021 17:01:05
1 November 2021 17:01:05
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I had a feeling they were going to jack with the gates again. I knew we could not trust them, which is why I haven't spent a dime on this game since I cancelled my premium when all this started.

Now we can't even produce Ves to even do basic pirate hunting and we certainly can not produce enough to do any sort of research or upgrades to building.

Game stagnation at its finest right here.

Cheers Everyone!

1 November 2021 17:25:39
1 November 2021 17:25:39
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Yes you are killing the game.
Very dumb to betray your customers.

They are the people who, when happy, will spend money in the game.

What weed you guys smoking? Must be some expensive high priced weed to make the brains make such retard decisions.
1 November 2021 17:54:27
1 November 2021 17:54:27
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Vasja thinks this is a golden luxus game.
As we have some stupids here in game spending 10.000 USD
He would love to have more of such.
VASJA - such idiots do not grow on trees ! ! !
Normal people do not spend thousands of USD.
2 November 2021 20:02:34
2 November 2021 20:02:34
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no thanks im done here...they keep destroying the game its not even wurth the time to come play anymore.... becurse you cant aim for anthing at all then it gets changed... wasting peoples time and money what a great way to not keep customers staying!
2 days ago
2 days ago


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