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Was Premium Player ... NO LONGER ...
13 October 2022 23:16:23
13 October 2022 23:16:23
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i am with u on this one how is it fair a 56mil player can hit a 100k player there is no fight in it
14 October 2022 00:12:56
14 October 2022 00:12:56
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https://prnt.sc/vqomka <== if you are offline, then bring your fleet and resources on expedition..... i have often been lawless - the noob protection is not even that big of a problem, if you hide everything then nothing happens...
when you go online, don't immediately fetch the fleet back from the expedition, but first look for targets that could attack.... only then fetch them back from the expedition and fly straight away..... fleet must never stay in one place for long - must always be on the move or expedition....
Always stay on the monitor as long as your fleet is not on expedition and keep an eye on the area where your fleet is located or where you want to fly....

should the enemy spy on an object your fleet is currently on, move the fleet to a different location and don't turn back.....continue playing from somewhere else -- there isn't one in XCraft home - the whole galaxy is your home......
please note that there must be a certain safety distance.... if you only change within the system, the distance for an attacker from your main planet to the neighboring planet is often less than 3 minutes flight time!! ...therefore, if you have to move your fleet because of enemy spy, then it is best to distance at least 10 systems and only then hide in the expedition....

of course i don't think it's nice that oversized players can attack small ones..... but unfortunately that's possible and you have to reckon with that..... the only way to help is with this information, because I'm also not a great player ....

Of course you don't have to invest any money to have fun or even to be successful... I don't invest any money either - never done that.... ;-)

sorry.. my english is shit... i hope you understand me ;-)
14 October 2022 03:24:24
14 October 2022 03:24:24


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