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Topic: support | 20 January 2019 19:38
Message #10
@Eddie when planet blows up all the station and fleets on that coordinates also gets destroyed
Topic: Temples of relicts were released | 8 November 2018 23:04
Message #9
what will be the difference between Planetary pirate station and Planetary Temples of Relicts?
Topic: The production of energy by solar satellites | 18 October 2018 23:57
Message #8
two weeks already over...when is the attack power restored back?
Topic: Planet Guide | 25 July 2018 01:21
Message #7
Planet Types
There are 7 types of planets

Gas: (+8% vespene production bonus)

Moist: (+2% mineral production bonus)

Sand: (+3% metal production bonus)

Ice: (no bonus)

Jungle: (no bonus)

Normal: (no bonus)

Dry: (no bonus)

for reference
old planet view:
Topic: Improvements for Space stations and Tosses | 21 February 2018 14:02
Message #6
if insectoid entity can be devoured by lexx....then allow them to be poisoned poisoning option
Topic: science vessel delayed attack | 5 October 2017 14:20
Message #5
science vessel fires emp (also irradiation) in the second round of the battle and only once during the entire would make much more sense for it to fire at the start of the battle because by second round our own battle fleet takes down most of the a support unit it doesn't help much if it fires too late and only once

P.S. also toss have shield restoration ability and xerj have armor regeneration....while terran doesn't have any special ability...only useful unit against them is science vessel
Topic: Phalanx | 9 September 2017 14:01
Message #4
yes....return deploy because of missing destination like non-existent moon/insectoid entity cannot be phalanxed
Topic: Phalanx | 24 August 2017 04:01
Message #3
only fleets send from planet with mission deploy which have been recalled cannot be phalanxed
Topic: Fuel usage of the service fleet are increased | 10 August 2017 16:09
Message #2
dear admin
according to your calculations of fuel usage "1 vespene to every 1000 of capacity if the unit is able to recycle debris".... shouldn't juggernaut fuel usage be 400 instead of 500 ((400000/1000)=400)

and if for example i am using "unit which can recycle debris" as "transport" shouldn't fuel usage be calculated by "1 vespene to every 5000 of capacity" instead of "1 vespene to every 1000 of capacity if the unit is able to recycle debris" since i am not recycling anything...

and finally;
believe me game is not at all interesting and operation is not profitable if i have to wait 1 hour to recycle debris according to the base recycling speed of any unit if i am sending exact amount of unit to if you want to increase the fuel usage of "unit which can recycle" then increase the base recycling speed of that unit by same amount
and if the "unit which can recycle" is being used as transport fuel usage calculation should be same as any transport unit...
Topic: galaxy movement tab more user friendly | 21 April 2017 16:57
Message #1
for organised cluster we can use spiral sorting option in interactive view ... but interactive view takes too much memory.
don't abandon the old view...admin should keep both views...users can choose whichever options they like

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