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Considering that we can now take far less fleet at far less speed over far less distance through the trampolines, the word 'economical' doesn't really apply.
Topic: Bestiary | 29 May 2019 00:10
Message #10
Why wasn't it all safe? Receipts would not be of any use if you were keeping safe.
Regardless that you didn't know that he was trying to raid after your purchase, nothing should have been available for a raider to take from you.
 Learn to keep safe before you buy a ton of stuff and leave it sitting around for someone to smash. I see what you are saying, and this guy may have some blame layed on him for following your purchases with the intent of destroying them, but you are the one in charge of your items within the game, so you are responsible for their safety.

Extortion is not what you are talking about and isn't really possible, nor is it allowed within the game rules. If you are truly being extorted then there must be communications you can show admin to this effect. Extortion would be if this player were threatening you or using force or coercion to make you buy things / do things in the game to his benefit. From what you have said, he simply found your stuff and smashed it after you bought it off him, because it was not safe and he had the opportunity and advantage in doing so..... sorry for your loss, but its a good lesson.

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 So since Admin refuses to inform the English Forum users of balance changes before, or even on the day they are introduced, I have decided to share a few of the latest changes with you instead. 

(from the Russian Forum - )
1 - Gravity Trampoline price has increased by 250,000 metal, taking it to 750k metal / Mineral + 500k Gas per unit.
2 - A 50% reduction in the Small Shield Dome, Large Shield Dome and Planetary Defense units is now in effect. Please check your stats on those.
3 - The capacity of the Nuclear Missile has been decreased by 150% and its fuel consumption has been increased 10x
4 - Pirate fleets have increased appearance on coordinates by 25%

5 - Cost of using the Forum has increased from 0 Crystals to 3 Crystal to make a new topic, and one crystal to comment on a topic.
 There are also changes to the Collision possibility of Grav Guns / Satellites, but I have not found any further information. Feel free to comment here if you know about this. Best that we inform ourselves here.

 I have placed this in the Complaints section as I feel it is in the best interests of ALL players here to know what is happening in the game, not just those whom use the Russian Forum.
Please rectify these delays in informing the English Forum of important changes. 

Topic: Payment System Again | 4 May 2019 09:51
Message #8
 I'd like to know whats going on too.
Paypal also has been removed again. It was available for about a week. Will it be restored? 
With all the changes and the push for players to buy crystal, you think you'd have a decent payment setup for that.
Paypal is secure - no way I would use any other system here.
All I want is the code from another of my accounts for a friend, and its been a pain trying to get it.

Since we're talking crystals... why are comments in the 'Free Zone' of the forum now costing one crystal? That's not free. 
Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 21 April 2019 16:03
Message #7
One cannot even keep enough gas on an Insectoid, Space Station or OPS to fly it. Not enough fields for the amount of storage needed to hold the gas needed to fly. I have increased the fields using the incubator / pylon / Space Station. And I have added storage, but for the amount of storage needed for the gas used to fly you have to spend millions on increasing fields just to get the space to make the storage, let alone the cost of the storage levels. Transporting enough gas to it means gas will be lost if you are not online, and may lose enough so as not to be able to fly as planned.
 Also, it is the same when upgrading the expensive structures on these objects; as soon as the transport arrives, resources begin to be lost, so one must be online at the very moment it arrives to avoid the risk of losing too much resources to upgrade the chosen building

  It is impossible to time all flights to arrive while you are in game, as zumzum has said. With such long flight times there needs to be a way to be able to keep any transported resources from being lost ESPECIALLY on small field number objects such as moons and OPS where there simply is not the room to make enough storage, nor any FAS to cover some of the Colony ships needed for a 'fleet hold'

Please rectify this problem. 
Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 20 April 2019 11:26
Message #6
 - The fleet hold update is no good, especially without something to offset it to a degree.
 After raiding some pirates, I needed to upgrade all storage facilities, losing the resources all the while. When a returning fleet save comes in with resources saved over time, they begin to immediately and rapidly decrease. In the time it took to send a small transport of resources for a build and then save the fleet again I had lost over 5k each in resources just because they were on the planet and the storage facility levels do not give enough holding space per level for larger resources to be stored, even for a short amount of time.
 As an offset to the changes, at least improve the base capacity of the planets, or improve the limits of each level of the storage facilities for all races to offset the fleet hold changes.
 - The Jump Gate issue is just rude!! Players spend tons on jump gates and they are cut in half... they still cost the same, so again... at least offset some of the cost of building them if they are now 50% less useful. Personally I believe they should be restored to their former values as there is no harm in doing so.
 So many players are leaving over seemingly little changes, because there are lots of little changes very often and they usually negate the time and effort put in by the players here. Reducing the value and usefulness of the items of the game does not inspire anyone to pay money to get more. It makes them want to leave, which is a shame.
Topic: How to use Gravity trampoline | 30 March 2019 03:02
Message #5
I think thats only while they're on the planet.. not in flight or in use.
They take the required energy from the planets energy sources (Solar Plant/ sats etc) - Do you have energy sources at their location?
Have never had to 'power' them to use them before, just fly like normal. 
Topic: Thickening of pirates, x2 CRAZY before New Year | 13 December 2018 06:46
Message #4
 Forget all those changes and just remove warmup. That is the problem. That is why no-one is flying. Better to have less pirates and less risk of flying to them than to have more pirates that no-one will fly to due to warmup risks.  Warmup is costing people fleet. No-one is spending money to buy fleet back just to lose it once again. Removing warmup would increase both the online time and the flight time of players, as well as add to the overall enjoyment of flying and playing the game. 
It is not that people are too stupid, lazy or unskilled to understand how to operate ther fleet with warmup applied; rather it is that the fleet is seriously restricted during operation regardless of your skill level as a player... big player or small, warmup is a serious restriction in gameplay, and the general consensus from the majority of the game players here says that they want it removed too.  
Topic: Limit the power and abuse of big alliances | 21 October 2018 23:12
Message #3
Reimund, I see plenty of small alliances popping up everywhere? Where is the evidence that the larger alliances are bullying them? Their networks are growing and many are alongside large alliance networks, there is bound to be conflict sometime...

----I mean no offense at all, but here is why I personally don't agree with your suggestions:
 Freedom of the players choice shouldn't be restricted in any way, and the benefits / outcomes of those choices should not be restricted either.
No-one should be told which alliance they can or cannot join, regardless of accounts or otherwise. And why should members of a big alliance have to pay more in tribute? New players join alliances too. So they would then have to pay 15% because they choose to join a large alliance? More cuts to resources for those players to make it even harder to get going??? They don't need to buy crystal to grow, they need to make good choices. The alliances are not stopping the growth of small players. ( In fact, the big alliances have joined together in the past against administrative changes to bring benefit to ALL players here... not just for themselves. So there is power in the players hands via large alliances)
 Freedom to choose and act is what makes this game fun. Alliances should be allowed to benefit themselves and their members; to pact with whomever they wish. There are still many large alliances that have no pact with other big alliances, and lots of disputed territory. And players whom choose not to join a large alliance or to fly solo, that is their choice too and they will learn and play the game accordingly. It's more about what we do with our situation, how we adapt and learn, not whether a big alliance is friends with another big alliance... who cares about that? We have what we have, and they have what they have... no matter the benefits or otherwise. 
  It doesn't have to be 'Fair'...nothing is fair. Some of us like it that way.  ;)
They are just my own thoughts on it, though.

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 I agree, it would be good to have this verified Tii. This may be a way to stop any excessive increasing of pirate fleet statistics. 

I am also interested to know what calculations are used to determine an increase in the level of Aggression. 
How many fleet points of one pirate must I destroy for them to gain one level of Aggression? 
Message #1
A Question about 'Aggression'
Description says --- "The more often you attack a pirate, the higher his aggression level against you. Each level increases the attack, armor and shields of the pirate fleet by 1%."
 Is this indefinite? I mean to say, if I attack one pirate until his aggression level is 100, will his fleet therefore be 100% stronger?
 Is there a maximum level the aggression can reach? (eg.- 100 points)
 If there is a long time period between attacks on the same pirate, will the aggression level decrease at all, or return to zero? Or does it only ever increase regardless of the time between attacks?

Also - Can we have the information about the changes to the characteristics of the fleet, please?

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