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Topic: Units of a standing entity | 14 September 2019 23:09
Message #85

I was able to get a much better view on my units on a standing entity than on a flying entity.

However, I noticed that the unit closest to the screen got display problems. There are a lot of "artifacts" there which screw up the whole unit area.

See for yourself:

No matter which angle I choose to look at the units the one closest to the camera shows artifacts:

But also other areas, except the one closest to the camera, can show artifacts.
in this screenshots there are multiple artifacts over the units further behind:
Topic: Gravity Trampoline Table | 14 September 2019 18:10
Message #84
Hello whbloom,

unfortunately the game doesn't provide formulas for this case.

When you want to see different distances/fleet points in the information table you can simply have more trampolines on your planet. When you have 10 Trampolines on your planet the first row of the table will change to either 8 or 9 trampolines and you can see up to 20 trampolines then in the information table.

Further the fleet points are very easy to calculate. You simply multiply the amount of tramps with the base amount of fleet points of one tramp. So if you want to know how much fleet points you can send with 20 trampolines you do: 10625 * 20 = 212 500 maximum fleet points with 20 trampolines on each side of the jump.

The much more difficult part is the distance because the game doesn't provide formulas. Therefor you need to find out the formula first. An very easy way is to use for this.
You visit the website and type into the "search bar": fit [(1, 10000), (2, 18661), (3, 26879), (4, 34822), (5, 42567), (6, 50158)].
This will give you an approximate formula through the given points.

You can use this formulas to APPROXIMATELY find out the necessary amount of trampolines for jumps later on. But let me warn you: This will NOT give you a 100% exact result. The resulting equation and graph will not match 100%. The further you try to extrapolate the less correct your result will be.
Example: When calculating the sendable distance for 10 trampolines while having a formula that were given only 6 points your result will be:
-> (I am german so my . and , are swapped.)
You see that the result is pretty much off by 2000. This is because the extrapolation distance is too large. You need to add more points in order to get a more exact result.
It seems wolframalpha limits the input to 7 points. So this method is pretty limited but it's still better than calculating anything from hand or trying to derive an exact formula.

When doing the same with the first 7 pairs as input you get this result:
This one is only 1000 off the real result for 10 trampolines. So it's more accurate than the example with 6 points.

You also have the ability to scratch the first points out of the equation and add more points that come later. Here I calculated it for 10 tramps again:
You see that this result is only 9 off the real result for 10 tramps!

It's possible to play around with this even further but the best accuracy can be achieved if you use the 7 points right before the one you're trying to calculate.

And let me warn you again: This is a mathematical approximate aproach. No exact result can be achieved like this. You need the exact formulas the game uses too to work it out exactly.

If you want a certain combination of fleet points and distance you can simply set it up like above for both and work out the points for each graph where it exceeds your required amount. You then choose the larger result. Example: The graph for the distance tells you you need 15 tramps and the fleet points says you need only 12 tramps. Choose 15 and you're good to do both - jump over distance and with enough fleet units.

This is really annoying over time and I recommend to not try this at all. The best you can do is to use the information table. If you want the infos for more than 11 tramps you need to have more trampolines present on your planet. If you have 10 trampolines present the information chart will start at 8 or 9 trampolines and range up to 20.
You could do this once and screenshot the results and save them - then you can look it up any time without the need for having tramps on your planet again.

I want to add that I would enjoy a real calculator for distance/fleet points for trampoline jumps too.

Disclaimer: I do not have a degree in mathematics. There may be more efficient solutions to this but they're probably longer (like spline interpolation: or to have n equations for n data points ( )). This methods probably need more work from the user than the method of using the last 7 points and getting a formula from wolframalpha. The least amount of work would be to screenshot the gravity trampoline information and save them. When you get more tramps do different combinations until you screened the whole range from 0 to your max amount of trampolines.
Topic: Units of a flying entity | 10 September 2019 19:17
Message #83

when you zoom in close to a flying entity in the entity screen you're probably supposed to see the units on the station.

I said "probably" because I only can guess it by matching the numbers (that are readable at all):

I also can not click the units and there is no "control" window near the chat/forum.
Topic: Medal update (recycler) | 5 September 2019 06:01
Message #82

the image for the recycler has not been replaced by the new one yet on the medals.
Topic: Enemy fleet list info message for no fleets | 4 September 2019 20:24
Message #81

the enemy fleet list info message for no enemy fleets behaves incorrect.

Opening the fleet list when no enemy fleets are there:
Here everything is correct. No fleets + info message is there.

When the list already was opened without enemy fleets but then an enemy fleet appears:
Here is an enemy fleet and the info message that there are no fleets is still shown.

Edited: Open the fleet list when there is an enemy fleet and then all enemy fleets vanish:
Here there is no info message after all enemy fleets disappeared.
Topic: Spy report - droids | 28 August 2019 03:39
Message #80
The same problem applies to human harvesters.
Topic: Plot of the bot | 17 August 2019 03:06
Message #79
I would be interested in why you did not receive any battle xp.

but also the other way around.. why did your non-existing enemy receive 1% of your lost battle xp like YOU are a pirate??
Topic: Special buildings | 16 August 2019 20:31
Message #78
You can't find planets that already have moons.
You need to get your own.

You can let more than 6 250 000 debris be dropped but it will NOT increase the chance above 25%. 25% is the MAXIMUM CHANCE per battle.
Topic: Special buildings | 16 August 2019 18:54
Message #77
Hello C_K,

your capital planet does not have a moon.
This is what it looks like when there are moons around a planet:

You first need to get a moon.
A moon can be formed at the end of a battle on one of your planets where a lot of debris was dropped. Per 250 000 debris dropped you get a 1% chance that a moon forms. The maximum chance is 25% with 6 250 000 total debris dropped.
Topic: The Simulator - A Beginners Guide | 15 August 2019 19:03
Message #76
Hello fellow Xcraft players,

quite a few persons seem to struggle with the simulator at the start so I decided to write down how to use it correctly as easy as possible.

I will explain how to make the simulator more accurate and will give you an example how to simulate a battle against a human pirate correctly that is easy to understand.

This post will also partly cover how a player can replace specific things that are not included in the basic simulator without an upgrade.

1. The way

1.1 Information
You probably already tried to fight some pirates yourself and probably the results have been frustrating for you.
But this is good! It will help you to get rid of this problem.

A battle report will always contain all necessary information on how to beat a certain pirate fleet. So you can use this as a tactic and send 2 small transporters to be killed by a specific pirate so you get to know their specific technologies without the need to spy them or anything else.
(Please consider that a fleet which is too small and weak will be torn to shreds and you won't get a battle report, so no access to the necessary information.)

1.2 Remodeling the information
After you collected all the information you have everything you need. But the information are not in a way to use them yet. So you need to remodel them to fit your simulators needs. See 2.2 of the Example.

1.3 Now you can simulate
That's it! You're done and get a pretty accurate simulation!

However, you still need to be aware that there is a little bit of luck involved and in later battles with flagships even more luck is involved due to the possible modifications of Mass Damage for every single shot. Because of this reason it's important to do the same simulation multiple times! Look out for the best and the worst results out of ~10 simulations. That will most likely be the range of results your battle will be inside as well.

2. Fighting against pirates - The Example

2.1 Retrieving the Information
I took the following screenshot in a battle report. It shows all information about the enemy. The screenshot:
It's mandatory to get your hand on all this information. The admiral officer can only be seen in battle reports. The battle experience can be taken from the profile and the technologies can be retrieved by spying the main planet which is listed in the pirates profile.

2.2 Adding the information to the simulator correctly
First you should add the standard technologies to the simulator - weapon technology, shield technology and armor technology.

Now you are left with 3 medals, the battle experience and the Admiral officer lvl 7. All of this is not included in the simulator when it's not upgraded. But even the upgrade only unlocks to add the Admiral officer, neither the battle experience nor the medals. You need to manually add them.

To add the things manually you simply calculate the total influences in % and convert the percentage to technology levels which are always available in the simulator!

The battle experience adds 30.2% to everything.
The Admiral officer is on lvl 7. Each level adds 5%. 5% * 7 levels = 35% to everything.
The medals adds 1% to attack of light fleet, 1% to attack of all fleets and 1% to armor and shields of defences.
Since there are no defences in a pirate battle you can leave the last medal out.
You can convert 1% to attack of light fleets to 1% to all fleets to create a even safer simulation result for you.
So there is +2% attack damage due to the medals.

Now you calculate the added %'s for each technology into the corresponding amount of levels.
The weapon technology grants +4% attack damage per level.
The shield technology and the armor technology grant +8% shields/armor per level.

For Weapon Technology:
The Battle XP ( +30.2% ) + Admiral officer lvl 7 ( +35% ) + Medals ( +2% ) = +67.2%
Divide by 4% per level weapon technology: 67.2 / 4 = 16.8.
-> You need to add 16.8 levels to weapon technology in the simulator to the levels that were added by the normal technologies to include the battle experience, the admiral officer and the medals.
Since you can't add 16.8 levels I suggest to add 17 levels. If you still beat the fleet with a higher amount of damage from the enemy you're on the safe side of the simulations.

For Shield Technology:
The Battle XP ( +30.2% ) + Admiral officer lvl 7 ( +35% ) = +65.2%
-> Medals can be left out. They only add damage or shield and armor to defences. In pirate battles there are no defences so you leave this medal.
Divide by 8% per level shield technology: 65.2 / 8 = 8.15.
-> You need to add 8.15 level to shield technology in the simulator to the levels that were added by the normal technologies to include the battle experience and the admiral officer.
Since you can't add 8.15 levels you now have to make a decision. You can add only 8 levels but you're risking that the enemy may be stronger than you simulated. I always recommend to round up in this case - even when it's only .15 above the last level. It will take you to the safe side of the simulations when rounding up.

For Armor Technology:
The Battle XP ( +30.2% ) + Admiral officer lvl 7 ( +35% ) = +65.2%
-> Medals can be left out. They only add damage or shield and armor to defences. In pirate battles there are no defences so you leave this medal.
Divide by 8% per level armor technology: 65.2 / 8 = 8.15.
-> You need to add 8.15 level to armor technology in the simulator to the levels that were added by the normal technologies to include the battle experience and the admiral officer.
Since you can't add 8.15 levels you now have to make a decision. You can add only 8 levels but you're risking that the enemy may be stronger than you simulated. I always recommend to round up in this case - even when it's only .15 above the last level. It will take you to the safe side of the simulations when rounding up.

The final levels of the technologies including base technologies and the calculated values (assuming I rounded up all the time) are:
Weapon Technology: Base 12 + Calculated 17 = LVL 29 weapon technology in total.
Shield Technology: Base 12 + Calculated 9 = LVL 21 shield technology in total.
Armor Technology: Base 12 + Calculated 9 = LVL 21 armor technology in total.

2.3 Now you can simulate
Congratulations! You now have considered all relevant information to attack a standard human pirate, even when you were not able to add them to the simulator directly or you do not own a upgraded simulator at all!

Just one last thing..
After you've done all this please don't forget to add your own units to the simulator. After 25 000 points it costs 1000 vespene to do a simulation and you don't want to forget this and waste your vespene on a empty simulation.

Best greetings from


3. Beating the simulator
You can beat the simulator and the results by assuming higher technology levels than the ones given in reality. If you simply add 1 or 2 levels to everything your results will be worse than before but if you manage to buff your fleet up so you still beat it with a acceptable result (very small losses) you will loose still less than what you've simulated.
But don't add too much! It will falsify the results too much instead of adding a benefit.

Further you NEED to simulate multiple times the same battle without changing the fleet units or anything else. You look out for the best and the worst simulation results out of ~10 simulations. You form a range from the worst to the best simulation result. Most likely your result will be at the better end of this range when you have added 1 or 2 levels extra.

4. Disclaimer and final thoughts

4.1 Final Thoughts
All in all this is the basic principle of how you compensate technologies, buildings and other things that influence a battle without the need of upgrading your simulator.
However, this method can not fully replace an upgraded simulator because this technic is not applyable to fleet units. The most fleet units can not simply be replaced by a combination of other units. For a very few ones this is possible but never for Flagships.
Unfortunatly adding other races and things to the post would let the calculations get out of hand too fast and would make things much more difficult to understand for beginners so I left that out.
For some of you it also will be necessary to consider the Aggression parameter which can be seen on a pirates profile. It increases when you kill a lot of large pirate fleets from the same pirate. It increases attack damage, shields and armor specifically against you and the increase in % is equal to the level of aggression.

4.2 Disclaimer
This article was written by Tii on the 15th August 2019. It only is valid for a very limited time. Changes are implemented nearly every day to the game so that there is no guarantee that this article will be complete or correct in the future anymore. Its only cause is to show players the direction of how to approach and handle simulations, not every necessary detail.
Please do not use the values seen in the example for own simulations against the pirate RedHead in the future!
The post was written for beginners, not advanced or expert knowledge levels on this subject.
This post ONLY covers the attacking of a human pirate and how to use the simulator on this specific example. For other pirates and especially for other races and players the values will differ a lot. More or different things have to be considered which are NOT covered by this post.
In case you discover any problems or mistakes please let me know either by answering here or writing me a direct message so I can correct it.

I wish you all happy simulating!
Topic: My badge | 26 July 2019 22:44
Message #75

my badge looks different at these places.

On my profile it's a normal i:
-> noticed later this seems to look like the forum & galaxy map i.

In the private chat it's a edgy i:
The overview seems identical to the chat's edgy i:

On the forum it's a smaller i that's in a different style:
The one from the galaxy map seems to be of the same style like the one on the forum:

(If you're gonna make them look the same everywhere, may it be possible to get the i from the forum??
Topic: Enemy fleet not shown in enemy fleet list | 15 June 2019 23:42
Message #74

I realize the difference between when it's shown and when not but is it really necessary to hide the enemy fleet from the player during mission attack?

This has additional downsides too:
-The player can not follow the battle without attending it.
-No sound notification for the attacking player when the battle starts. You have to be there and never doing other things (like reading the forum).
-Without any notification it happens that the player misses the initial 10 seconds that specially are designated for the player to join before the battle starts. I can't join the battle when I don't know about the battle. :/
Topic: Enemy fleet not shown in enemy fleet list | 15 June 2019 17:19
Message #73
This confuses me.
Because every pirate fleet I ever attacked was shown in the menu under "enemy fleet".

Like this:

But in the screenshot of my first post I was battling a pirate fleet and the fleet did not show up in the list for enemy fleets. There it says "Enemy 0".
Topic: Enemy fleet not shown in enemy fleet list | 14 June 2019 18:55
Message #72

when I was fighting a usurper the fleet of the usurper was NOT shown in the list for enemy fleets. I did NOT recall my fleet or did anything else that would prevent it from being shown.
If this happens with a players fleet it is a real problem.
Topic: Experimental Research increase in price | 13 June 2019 14:38
Message #71
jd501, you're not alone.

Banyan started the following complaint not long ago:
It's the same issue but I guess it would be too much work to keep it up to date permanently.

Until we get our own notifications we have to deal with the russian forum.
Message #70
I don't think that will happen.. See here..

Rule 8.6:
Topic: Multiaccounting | 13 June 2019 12:56
Message #69
There are automatisms to detect and deal with multiaccounts. However this automatisms only operate above 25 000 points to allow players to restart the game in case they need/want to.
If this person keeps playing on all the accounts then the person will be banned at some point.
Topic: The Cult of the Sun God (Cornello) | 13 June 2019 12:52
Message #68
If you stop building the bonus % will slowly decrease until you're negative and even farther. Keep building to keep the bonus up.
Topic: Experimental Research increase in price | 13 June 2019 12:40
Message #67
It was announced in the russian forum.

Change your ingame language to russian and visit for most recent updates.
Message #66

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