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Topic: Gravity Trampoline Table | 15 September 2019 05:02
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Thank you, Tii, for a very informative and practical answer!

It happens that every time I've consulted the gravity trampoline catalogue page, I happened to have my grav tramps in expedition for the moment. Hence I had no idea that the table self-expands according to the number of grav tramps actually on-planet. Hah! The admins ought to add a comment to that effect at the top of the table. I'm surely not the only one that mistakenly thought that the table is static.

Great tip on the wolframalpha site, too! Even though, as you said, simply viewing the grav tramp table with all of one's grav tramps on-planet is the most efficient way to find limits for distance and flleet points, that website is bound to be useful for other things.
Topic: Gravity Trampoline Table | 14 September 2019 07:47
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The catalogue has the following table showing limits on distance and fleet points for Gravity Trampolines...

Amount Distance Fleet points
1          10000    10625
2          18661    21250
3          26879    31875
4          34822    42500
5          42567    53125
6          50158    63750
7          57622    74375
8          64980    85000
9          72247    95625
10        79433    106250
11        86547    116875

Suppose I would like to send a fleet (of, say, 25000 points) a distance greater than the last row in the table (say, 100000).
Do the grav tramp rules forbid me from sending a fleet farther than that shown for 11 grav tramps (final row in the table)??
Is there a formula/equation that can show me the number of grav tramps needed for combinations of fleet size and distance (besides those shown by the catalogue)?
Topic: Dota Planet | 1 September 2019 00:45
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Toss accounts have a medal (cf 'Medals' tab of 'Quests' link) that is conferred once the player gets 'Branch of the Iron tree' by performing an expedition to the 'Dota Planet'. Until one gets 'Branch of the Iron tree', one cannot build one's own Investigator ships (and hence must buy them from the Bestiary).

I've never heard of the 'Dota Planet' before playing as a Toss, and I can find no mention of it in the (english) forums. Even my knowledgeable mentor is unsure about this tidbit. Players that I've messages are also in the dark.

Can anyone fill me in? Maybe even point me to in-game info or a forum posting that I may have somehow missed?
Topic: All players U like the warm up change ?? | 17 December 2018 10:30
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Also opposed to the warm-up change. Stating my reasons would be redundant; they are explained by posters whose votes/comments precede mine.

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