Get your own planet in online strategy Xcraft. Conquer the cosmic space, create your own empire! QUICK START (2 minutes): for Humans or for Xerjs +2500 of metal +2500 of minerals

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Topic: Game blowing up in Firefox | 3 June 2019 10:38
Message #4
There is problem in Chrome to. In galaxy tab planets and pirats and fleet dont appears.
Topic: 10 years of Xcraft | 8 April 2019 13:56
Message #3
And the biggest gift for the 10th anniversary was completely disabled, to players outside of Russia, the purchase of crystal.
Topic: Hydarian Crytals, usefulls.- | 2 April 2019 10:32
Message #2
Wish to bay h-crystals and saw that is no longer possible because I'm from Serbia. Why are "other ways" of payment terminated. In this way, you are favored players from Russia and I'm thinking to leave the game.
Topic: Tutorial | 19 March 2019 11:37
Message #1
Colonisation, problem to find new colony

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