Psi Disrupter

Cost of the 1st level:

100 00050 000CRP 2
The secret weapon developed by the Confederation in the dungeons of Tarsonis. It generates special PSI waves similar to the communication waves of Xerjs and is able to control them, override commands or interfere with movement. Psi disrupter affects swarms of Xerjs heading to any object in the local coordinates where it is built (including high orbit), reducing the speed of Xerjs' movement by 10% per level multiplicatively (does not affect "transport" missions and Bestiary gigalords). Psi Disrupter also gives access to Xerjs Bestiary exchange, allowing more secure trading. Has a chance (1%*[level] per day) to banish a Queen that is infecting a mine.
Psi Disrupter can be detected and destroyed in regular combat.