Cost of the 1st level:

600 000400 000300 000CRP 2
Turn your moon into the Tribunal. The satellite has a much smaller gravitation distortion than the planet. It permits to use the satellite for the immediate teleportation of fleet. Spend 1 million of Vespene gas and the tribunal will focus and transfer the fleet from the outer space directly to high orbit of the satellite (it needs 6 minutes to reach high orbit). To call the fleet you need to go to the fleet menu and use the button "Summon the fleet". You can calculate the radius of the tribunal’s activity by the formula:
1000 * level
Reload time - 24 hours.
Each level of Elder Psionicist increases range by 10%
It doesn’t influence on fleet, sending into “Expedition”.
The first level of construction can not be destroyed or eaten by Lexx.