EMP strike
An EMP jammer is a "bomb" which, when detonated, creates a powerful stream of electromagnetic radiation. The area affected depends on the level of development of ion technology. However, if there are few ships in the kill zone, there is a risk that most of the wave energy will escape into the void. However, if the charge is aimed against a super-heavy class ship, a single wave can cause several of the shield generators mounted on the target to shut down.

Each additional charge requires a significant amount of preparation time, ensuring that the scout ship is only capable of firing them in even numbered rounds.

The EMP wave hits multiple arbitrary mechanical targets (it is possible for the wave to hit the same target multiple times). The number of hits is fixed and equal to the Ion Technology level. Hitting a target causes its maximum shield to be reduced by 5000, but not below zero as a result. The current shield value will change in the shield recovery phase, at the end of the combat frame.

This ability makes research ships extremely useful against uncovered Deathstar, Supernova Star and other flagships. However, having cover from ships with a low shield value can minimize the effectiveness of an EMP attack.

The Ion Technology from level 1 is required to operate.