EMP strike
Technical details:
EMP muffler is a "bomb" at the time of detonation it creates a powerful flow of electromagnetic radiation. The area of damage depends on the level of ion technology. If the affected area contains a small number of ships, there is a risk that a large portion of the wave's energy will go into the void. However, if the charge is directed against the super-heavy class ship, one wave can disable several shield generators. The preparation of each new charge requires considerable time, because of that science vessel can release them only every even round.
The principle of power muffler shields:
EMP wave is a capacity, which, like the Yamato cannon at the battle cruisers, operates independently of the conventional weapons systems. In contrast to the Yamato, whose shot is determined by the probability of tripping EMP wave hit several mechanical targets, each of which is arbitrary (it is possible that when the wave picks several times the same purpose). The number of targeted objectives fixed at the level of ion technology. Hit the target leads to a decrease of her base shield on a value of 5000 but not below zero in the end. The current value of the shield will not change until the end of the round. After the current round in the recovery phase of shields ravaged unit "restore" the shield to the base value. This base value will persist until the end of the battle. Each hit on the target will affect the basic shield. If EMP wave hits 10 targets, and the enemy has only one unit, all the punches will be directed at it and EMP wave will reduce the shield by up to 50,000. It makes science ships extremely useful against the open flag ships. However, the presence of ships with a low shield can reduce the effectiveness of EMP-pin to a minimum.
Such ability required Ion technology from level 1.
This ability has a delay of 1 round, a period of 2 rounds.