Principles of operation:
Traditional means of delivery - missiles - once again provided with a non-traditional charge. Regeneration of xerjs allows them to recover even after the through passage of the projectile from the Gauss cannon, but like all living creatures, they are vulnerable to ionizing radiation. Radiation dose in excess of the established norms are able to reduce the effect of regeneration to a minimum, and even reverse its course, turning invulnerable to conventional weapons carcass in guaranteed corpse.

Equipment capable of creating such missiles with stuffing, set on science vessels. Radiation, like EMP wave affects more (1+ [level ion technology]/2, rounding down) targets in the blast radius of the launch vehicle, reducing the regeneration of the affected units on the (6 - log10[maximum armour of the target])%, with the possibility of the withdrawal of the final regeneration to negative values. The action only applies to organic targets (i.e. all xerjs units). If the maximum armour of the target is 1M or more, the regeneration reduction percentage will be 0 and the radiation will not be able to affect it.

Effect accumulates; one wave can hit the same unit several times. If regeneration becomes negative below a certain threshold (-5) then unit will die after the battle.
The ability requires Ion technology from level 1.
This ability has a delay of two rounds, a period of two rounds.