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Banyan TOSS


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Alliance: Jackals

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Position [39:627:8]


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Leaves may fall, but the roots remain strong

✯✯✯✠ Jackals (Шакалы) ✠✯✯✯

Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.


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✯✯✯ For my allies, recruits and friends - it has been fun playing the game alongside you all. I hope I was a worthy ally and mentor. It has been my pleasure to teach the game and to see all my recruits grow strong. It is only a shame that you are forced to battle against odds that become ever harder to overcome. You know where I am now, and I will be ready anytime should you choose to follow me out of this fantasy galaxy and into another.
✯✯✯ For my mentors and teachers - Respect! I thank you for teaching me the skills that allowed me to enjoy this game while it lasted, and I thank you for teaching me about your country. You are my friends now and we will continue our communications elsewhere.
✯✯✯ For the Jackals - Game or no game, you are all Jackals and we are a great team. I will take the name Jackals with me, and I will wear it proudly.
✯✯✯ For my enemies - I took only what you could not protect... it is a predatory universe after all.... here and in real life.
✯✯✯ For the game - A short lived love is fun, but I do not enjoy being punished for loving you so. It was good, and now it isn't.. and so, Dasvidaniya, Xcraft.

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Post comment 25.06.2019 7:21

Thanks For all Mentor And Guide

Post comment 17.06.2019 3:40

A great friend, ally, mentor we have been through a lot you taught me everything you know thank you for all the kindness and mentorship you have taught me :))))))

Post comment 26.01.2019 3:02


It is my pleasure.
We are sure to go through more together yet, my friend.
Thank you, Xel. :)

26.01.2019 4:28

За троллинг.

Post comment 04.09.2018 3:40


Thankyou, Ulrezaj.
Your help is appreciated very much.

I wish you happy hunting, and good fortune. :)

04.09.2018 9:10