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21 Oct 2020
Ed963 -

Сидели б вы на Опе ровно, да не гадили, а то что в игре что в реале...
21 Oct 2020
что Суся....не живётся спокойно???
18 Oct 2020
21 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020
СОСИ! Я так понял это имя твое? очень подходящее имя!так что я хотел сказать!!!! а да!!!! сасать вам всем . и не пиши мне на пиндосячем я все равно не читаю ...
19 Oct 2020
CCCP flagg for this
or this

If I would be Russian I would fall down to dead by shaming.
Coming with 6000 Carrier. And still do selvemurder.

You guys are better then watching TV.
19 Oct 2020
First Try:
Did not work.
I guess I ask some friends.
second try.

Are you sure you are Shadow alliance ? and not freedom Alliance ?
you Poser.
13 Oct 2020
19 Oct 2020

hihihihihihi OOOOHHH YES
9 Oct 2020
А эти , что убежали на 5й космической при помощи ХД...
21 жим жим стало ;)
20 Лексов обещала прислать. Прислала ток 7ь.... Где ещё 13ть, а ?
10 Oct 2020
Глупая... Твоя дырявая Дунька стояла далеко от планки .... Это последние два дня ты ее двигаешь к поверхности.... А так у тебя 21 сыграло, что сможешь потерять свой флот.... Вот на ХДшных ускорителях и сбежала.......
10 Oct 2020
Я не удивлен.
Вы ничего не узнали.
Я нажал не на тот переключатель.
Иначе это был бы второй раз
что ты потерял все

Не стоит выпендриваться, если повезет.
иначе вы его потеряете.
8 Oct 2020
5 Sep 2020
SusiS doesnt like people saying the word "lesbian"
5 Sep 2020
the mother thing you got kicked for. I have no idea
why so many here have sexual problems.
10 Jul 2020
🚽Toiletdude +
Now your deleting comments on your profile and sending out messages to everyone hahahahahahshabahahabahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
11 Jul 2020
I already won love, was fun talking to you again. I see you in another 8 months when you come make up lies and then delete everything off your profile when your wrong lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
11 Jul 2020
I am so sorry. A real man should know the minimum about woman.
And you have not an idea.
I am wondering . As you are known to wear dresses.
possible thats why your name is toilette dude.
Not all love to get pissed in face, like you love to get. Thats the english meaning of your word.
A guy who love to get pipi in face.

And you wonder I do not love to have you in my profile ?
10 May 2020
С Днем Победы!
'Images attached'
27 Apr 2020
Thank you very much for the right answers!
31 Mar 2020
Buuuuu -
Мочить фашистов )))))))))))))
11 Apr 2020
You sound like smersh alliance player.
Thanks for telling.
Its a little yukky to eat such. But your on list.
25 Dec 2019
Просто плюс красивой девушке !!!
19 Dec 2019
Danke schön Susi @}~}~~~}~~~~~}~~~~~~~~
31 Mar 2020
Подстилка ))))))))
13 Dec 2019

time we write enemy attack us.

12/13/19, 1:27:23


I have no time for ..... - I did not know that someone was attacking you. I am an honest person. You ugly sent me to ignore. Could just write that you do not want to communicate and I would not bother you. I think that for ignore I was offended by you and do not expect letters from you.
Хорошей вам игры.
2 Jan 2020
just told I can not talk talk easy. As this game does not allow.
13 Dec 2019
You forgot what you wrote to me and I just talked to you ... You are incomprehensible Germans ... We just talked peacefully and you throw me into ignore, which is extremely unfriendly, considering that you wrote to me today .. Well, okay ... You don’t want and don’t communicate ... I don’t want to communicate with impolite people like you.
1 Dec 2019
But not enaugh. killing us needs to be cheap.
So ever we build a massive fleet of good ships - this ships ability get changed to 0 power
or if we can shoot asteroids they make stations
if we shoot asteroids with stations they reduce power
if we are able to destroy their asteroids - they change structur of our objects
Since 3 years ever same.
I think russian do not play good ? As they ever change the rules here
every time they get in danger .

Hello Sisi! With all due respect to you, Madame, I have to disagree with you. The fact is that the American owns the game and he lives in Philadelphia, the administration of the game consists largely of Americans. They change the rules. What does the Russian have to do with it, if not we own the game? I think that you were misled.
11 Dec 2019
SusiS Game registered in russia.
you also can watch the server.

Server time - moskau time.

At last I think I do not need to complain about new russian law,
as russian games need to be in russia.
26 Nov 2019
🍄x3m +
shit everywhere lack
8 Oct 2019
Извини... Я рад иногда дёрнуть тебя за косичку))), но сейчас серьёзно болен и мне не до игры.)) хорошей игры тебе и твоим дочкам)) Пусть ваши интеллектуальные дома будут самыми лучшими) (f) (f) (f)
6 Oct 2019
Привет Сиси...:* Рад, что не забываешь меня и проведываешь болящего)))
11 Sep 2019
Give me a sugar girl:*))))))))))))))))):P))))))):D
3 Sep 2019
Good luck !
2 Sep 2019
Привет Сиси! Когда поляну накроешь? Кушать хоцца:))))))
21 Aug 2019
13 Aug 2019
ex2e -
Flame on the forum. PS: only have one planet outside territory
12 Jul 2019
За покупку!
26 Jun 2019
Thank you for protecting me)