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Full name: Tii
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Registration date: 28 Apr 2018 05:15
Last visit to the forum: 28 May 2020 21:40
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Welcome to my profile.
For spying me please click my capital planet above.
For seeing my fleet please click statistics above.
If you want to leave a splatty tomato click the blue bar below my picture.

If you need special/further assistance feel free to set me as your tutor!

I'm a male german player.
I learn fast and like to help.

Below is a list of all known player space objects (planets, moons, insects, asteroids, comets). Coordinates in this list, you can see if found in galaxy and do spy scan. Special planet (instance) are always visible and under any conditions.

Reputation 9

In order to change the reputation - activate.


Endlich jemand der sich wirklich gut auskennt und antwortet genau auf die Fragen die gestellt worden sind. Respekt !

Post comment 14.03.2020 22:59

Einfach spitze !

Post comment 29.01.2020 22:06

Many thanks for everything!

Vielen Dank, hoffe du bleibst mir lange noch erhalten! ;-)

Спасибо за помощь!

Post comment 25.11.2019 22:43

Awesome collector)))

Post comment 05.09.2019 14:46

You're a real son of a bitch.
there's no other son of a bitch in this game.

how fair the game. !!! ???
where is the balance. ???


It's not fair
a treacherous event

Post comment 18.08.2019 13:12


You thought you saved your units by defending your friends planet but they were in orbit above it, not on the planet.

18.08.2019 18:40


Post comment 27.07.2019 2:12

+ Awesome player

Post comment 23.07.2019 9:09

Great sage of Xcraft

Post comment 07.07.2019 11:15

Just checking to see if your still there.

Post comment 19.03.2019 4:57

a drug addict or stupid German

Post comment 30.11.2018 0:47

He sells his friend to admins.

10th bug report he makes pirate hunting more difficult and expensive
for his friends.

All to get one more green bug.

No good player. he is a traitor.

Post comment 28.11.2018 14:37


good foto)

13.05.2019 12:11

Good player + )))

Post comment 07.11.2018 7:45

JA - danke du .....
schon wieder ein report der uns nur was kostet ohne einen fehler zu beheben.
und das forum voll spammen
damit wirkliche fehler nicht behoben werden.

Post comment 25.10.2018 22:28

posting bug reports for admins benefit.
now all need to spent more vespene.
because he wants green bugs and does not care for colleges.

Post comment 25.10.2018 22:26

After 10.000 Messages he's still answering :D

Best Mentor ever,,
always there if you need a clue ! ^^

Post comment 15.10.2018 20:03



19.10.2018 20:30

Thank you for your visit! but next time don't send 10 wolves to kill a sheep. BTW Ich liebe nicht Angela Merkel (worth an hydrian crystal to say so)

Post comment 26.09.2018 7:22


Wolfs always hunt in packs and not alone :3

05.10.2018 20:24

Klasse Mentor, beantwortet jede frage immer sehr freundlich

Post comment 07.09.2018 0:54


Post comment 30.08.2018 9:53

Sehr guter Mentor und immer Hilfsbereit was Fragen anbelangt :)

Post comment 19.08.2018 0:12