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Topic: problem with mission 11 [ARK] 'terran' | 15 December 2016 09:24:35
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shouldn't your alliance help you with that...?
perhaps you are just with the wrong people.
Topic: Update of experimental studies | 7 December 2016 01:14:45
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recently it was increased by 25%, so 5 HC is now the new price. You should thank the admins, they make services less effective (example protector) and increase the prices.
Topic: Fight against spam attacks, alliance bank | 1 December 2016 22:54:19
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why reducing the alliance bank shield? this again is unfair. It will give the big Alliances a easier time destroying the banks of smaller alliances. This is just again supporting the big players and giving smaller players a hard time. INCREASE the shield! Make it easier to survive playing this game without being eaten by bigger players!
Topic: Announcement of winter price increase | 1 December 2016 01:25:59
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It would have been better to make HC more expensive to purchase instead skyrocketing (the already high) ingame prices
Topic: Announcement of winter price increase | 30 November 2016 14:09:25
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true ^
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the logical decision is that if you are gonna make detection technology completely useless then make it also cheaper to research. But no. NO you just screw it up for everyone and leave it like this.
This game is getting worse by each day.
Topic: Quest 6. Secrets of the space | 23 November 2016 12:59:33
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Quote: dimitrisnik24
first 2 waves are 300 dreads 100 wardens work with those first next set recuires to send 2m metal 1m minerala nd 500k vesp so focus on first wave for now and acept reward on moon planet can be phalanxed and they can steal your debrisXD so a small meduim fleet should do prefarably 50 bc and 30 destroyers in there should kill 300 dreads wardens easy

as far as I understood, the reward is an attack. you gotta smash them and collect the debris.
Did you skip reading that comment or what?
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suggestion: make the range of sensor spores dependent on the number of sensor spores. Like it is with providers and mining for example. Because currently Sensor Spores don't pay off at all for small players and now you are even nerving them. smh.
Also such a extrem cut down for Terrans makes no sense either. It's not like terrans could go with their tech that far as some xerj could. I understand the argumentation of that but a cut down of 10 times is a bit much. A bit extreme, not to say.
How about you just upgrade your damn servers instead  constantly cutting down and making it harder for smaller/new players? This big player catering is highly annoying and will be the downfall of this game and the reason why it won't ever expand as much as other browser games.
Topic: Alliances version 3.0 | 22 November 2016 19:34:26
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no other f**king browser game has such a actual stupid feature. almost all browsergames have an intern alliance member list for every member to see. Nothing new. But NONE has a feature that makes alliances easier attackable! what the f**k!
remove this feature! or are you deliberately trying to make this game harder to access for everyone under 5M points? you are LOSING players due to this anti-player behaviour and making it HARDER for new people to join! the result of this will be tons over tons inactives, mostly in the <100 points area. 
I really regret having spent money on this game and "supported the project". seriously.
Topic: Alliances version 3.0 | 22 November 2016 19:10:29
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now I ALMOST wanted to say "finally a update that is not aimed at f**king the players up!" Almost. ALMOST!
But then I noticed that everyone, even people not in the alliance can view member lists. Seriously? what the f*ck? Why?? It totally makes sense and is necessarily that everyone in your alliance can see a list of the members of the OWN alliance. But being able to see a list of members of every alliance? What is wrong with you?? Just no!
Topic: offensive user name | 19 November 2016 17:38:02
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lol. that's not even the worst i've seen.

offensive user name
see? there is worse.
Topic: Dredlisk, Scout, Needle tree, Telepathist | 16 November 2016 23:19:03
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I just started recently. But seeing the changes that are taking place so quickly I really regret having spent money on xcraft. I wish I didn't. the content just becomes worse.
Topic: Distance measurement unit | 29 October 2016 15:55:09
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I could as well post this unter "new ideas" or perhaps even "Bugs" but oh well...
See the link please.
So in the fleet page it tells you the distance between your planet and a target. But you never know how great this distance is. That's a annoying nuance for newbies. I would suggest that the unit of "km" or "ckm" is added and that there should be somewhere a explanation for new comers about the measurement of "ckm".
Topic: remove the captcha | 24 October 2016 21:45:40
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Today I just opened the Galaxy tab, did my first click on a planet and got immediately the captcha. So annoying remove the captcha
Topic: JTKISA1 seems to like everything | 24 October 2016 21:25:56
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"that's awesome"
Topic: News from balance editor | 23 October 2016 20:45:33
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there should be percental repay of HC to those who had already gotten the Protector Officer imo. (myself I haven't got one yet lmao :D )

also it doesn't makes much sense that existing resources get completely "deleted" upon capture. IMO there should be just a partial loss of resources. like so and so many percent.