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Topic: Quest 6. Secrets of the space | 31 December 2016 22:05:17
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Quote: waxzyg
can someone tell me how to complete this mission (The Juggernaut was destroyed. you've got +1 level of Agent.
Destroy fleet of any pirate whose battle fleet marked with Quest 6. Secrets of the space, situated on coordinates and has more than 100 points. You will get second level of officer Agent and Juggernaut. Debris can be found on coordinates after destroying the fleet. You can gather debris with Recyclers.)

You can just find any pirate on teh galaxy map with that icon (the fleets you can destroy) and kill it, but it must b worth 100 points, the killed fleet, which is about 80-90 fighters. So doesnt take that big of a fleet of maybe better ships for you to complete it and claim your +2 agent and a juggernaut afterwards ;)
Topic: crazy stupid | 29 December 2016 20:16:45
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Quote: jame
Who the **** is going to attack Dima_Kemerovsky?

I guess soemone stronger than him crazy stupid
Topic: Resources fount on your planet occasionally | 29 December 2016 19:11:23
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I have a suggestion if i may. The occasional resources you find on your planet(s), i find they seem to have the same amount range as constant like 1-3000 i suppose. But dont think the higher lvl players bother to search for them anymore. So to make things better and find a good surprise for a change, maybe raise the amounts a bit higher? So when your fleet is destroyed and such, at least you have a good way to scratch up some to start the rebuilding process too (if you are a lower lvl player or whatnot). How about increase the range of resources you can find on your planet like lets say by Score:

score 0 - 1000 - res range 1-5000
score 1001-10000 - res range 1-10000
score 10001-25000 - res range 1-50000
etc (can be optimized, it's not like the amounts i suggested are fixed as they are)

Then at least ppl are more active and not too quick to quit the game and can enjoy it a bit more. What do you guys think of this idea?