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Topic: Banned with no reason | 26 February 2019 15:46
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Victoria as long You noticed it wasnt multiaccount case, but issue with ip adreses, can You please cancel Ban? Thank You! 
Topic: Banned with no reason | 26 February 2019 11:59
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Rule 5.0..(multiaccount) Me and my brother are banned with no reason. We are diferent persona. And we dont know each other passwords. We mainly use diferent mobilie devices to acces accounts. As i know he ussed my pc only few (3 or 4)times while his mobile phone got power suplay problems. I havent anny multi accounts only 1 race and 1 account. Something gone wrong with multiaccount banning algoritm. As i seen akgoritm is banning few players a Day, i think administrators have to rechek it manualy