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Topic: The production has been reduced by about 5 times. | 9 May 2020 23:10:38
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I would first like to state that I have only been with this game about 1.5 years .. but I have seen the system get harder and harder for the new players, Well ... This is my final straw,
You first made living off the pirate debris by adding VERY fast rising aggression, NOW we can't even build due to not income from our Mines.

the question I have for you is , Are you intentionally destroying this game or are you trying to FORCE it to Pay for play to get anywhere?

VERY bad choices. it will only run more and more players off. Myself included.
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 7 November 2019 18:51:34
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Please note.. this does not only impact fleet slots. But now most cant build Science Vessels. AND now you need level 6 Computer Tech to have BATTLE COMMAND on Destroyers.. that costs 47,239,200 metal : 23,619,600 mineral : 5,904,900 Vespene.... that keeps all but the very strong players able to use it.
EDIT;.. also IRN requires lvl 5 computer tech... so will everyone's research get reduced again?
Topic: speed SW | 5 June 2019 22:22:46
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These types of constant "nerfing" of key elements of the game is not a good way to keep players ...
I personally buy HCs on a fairly regular basis ... BUT these types of changes ruin the game play ... and make me NOT want to support the game by buying HC's.
This was the first game That i enjoyed enough to "pay to play"... and I have ... until these latest changes .... 
If this continues ... it will stop completely for being fun... and I personally will stop contributing to the game.

Sincerely ,
Topic: Quest #6 question | 6 March 2019 16:33:27
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Yeah.. just got the first wave... so I guess I get no warning... well that sucks... the first wave cam in the middle of the night(my time) and I have no indication of its attack or future attacks... why no fleet alert?
Topic: Quest #6 question | 6 March 2019 03:45:07
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I am looking for some clarification.

I have recently complete part of Quest #6 , The delivery of 2 Mil Metal,1 Mil Mineral, and 500K of Vespene.

I was told that After I accept the reward I would get several attacks from Toni. ..... 

Well I accepted the Reward and not the quest says this : 
"Congratulations! 30 Destroyer ships are joining your forces.
Survive the attacks of pirates."

But it has been over 12 hrs sine I accepted the Reward and I have not gotten any attacks or notifications of pending attacks. 

Even the mission tabs is showing this :
"Commander, we're under attack. We cannot get any response from the attackers or identify them, but most probably they are pirate fleets. We don't know why are they attacking us, but we should prepare to defend ourselves."

What is the wait on the attack or is there a delay of a few days ?? Or will it just be "POOF" im here to attack.... no warning ..??  or is my Quests broken ?

Any help would be appreciated,