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Topic: Feedback! | 20 April 2020 03:03:56
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How does one feel regarding Admin's treatment.... At the start, generally did not think of Admin as was engrossed with acclimating to the game itself. But with time spent in the game and more changes by admin than grains of sand on a beach I find that admin has little or no regard for the general population of players save perhaps for the very top tier group (I surmise that you know them well). That said, I find you pitiful attempt to be genuinely concerned  on this subject too little too late.
Topic: Expeditions | 25 January 2020 13:20:52
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Fleet menu enter coords of star system you wish to send Expedition mission to location 10... example xxx:xx:10   You will also be able to enter mission duration (just like in a recycle mission).
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 9 November 2019 00:48:28
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There are few words of complaint that have not been spoken regarding what is thought of the competency or morality of this organizations administrative crew, though my wife has already vacated this game because of the insidious designs that are apparent by these persons to virtually steal, rob or obfuscate as much as possible without regard for legal or moral venues or consequences. Considering  what has already been posted it is doubtful that the recent actions that have occurred as well as the past activities will not fail to find fertile ground in the social media and possibly further into the awareness of various international governing agencies that could not only impact this games continued play but the cognizant authorities of X-Craft itself..... 
Topic: HC purchase attempt | 4 July 2019 05:52:43
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[b][/b]Attempted to purchase HC via Premier screen, page did not open security protocols displayed error message that identifies site has no valid certificate hence no connection due to security issues regarding privileged information dissemination over non secure link/site, please to investigate & correct issue with your site - thank you.
Topic: We have changed some features of holds | 19 April 2019 00:40:20
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I've heard of economic adjustments to induce increased consumerism, but this is a suicidal  path for any business. Looking at the number of registered game participants vs actual online players looks like >10%  are there and it is shrinking. Will definitely pass this information on to appropriate gaming venues & forums, I doubt any revues posted will advocate any prospective players to consider participating.
Topic: Hydarian Crytals, usefulls.- | 3 April 2019 06:54:38
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With the change up of the methods of payment for the purchase of Hydraian Crystals (HC) using the offer means of payment was somewhat of a challenge, but successful. Was able to purchase HC after becoming acquainted with new mediums of payment, the question I have now is the bonuses of Flag vessels offered for purchased amounts of HC have not been forth coming, have these bonus offers been discontinued or is there some problem with issuance of the bonuses? I would really like an answer to this inquery - thank you.