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Topic: Announce: Jump gate changes | 3 December 2020 23:00
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+ 1 level of farm , - 1 level of strategy

Edit: I have to add, thanks for the new mechanism, and for the adequate announcement :)
Topic: Minerals | 16 November 2020 08:26
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Was for a day or half a day , I'm not sure , anyway if you don't understand it , you got a freebie

And when was anything owed to anyone because it was not announced? Sorry this is the most brutal space game you can play with harsh results

There are more and more players following the quest 6 (donating a lot) and forgetting about the basic fundamentals - Theft and robbery (PvP)
Topic: Last straw | 1 October 2020 06:08
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Dammn see you
Topic: Announcement: collision with fleets in orbit | 18 September 2020 13:30
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UncleanOne, the innovation is cancelled or postponed? still active ? I haven't looked into this mechanic

mikelin, Why is easy to answer , the question is (How?) its possible you unintentionally turned on collision in the gun view , or is it newly spawned from the medal ?
Topic: Signal Jammer | 9 September 2020 13:19
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Black pack is cool with a chance of the moon , Device effect: claw scars on enemy avatar for 2 hours. if i get the 25% inaccuracy it appears on my own avatar?

on a note , ive lost the fleet to the zerg defence three times , you learn how deal with it eventually
Topic: Signal Jammer | 9 September 2020 08:56
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How to understand this
attacked him with brown spectrum , vasya ray , and Mikuru-beam
but it gave him a positive effect, not only that it depleted my signal strength
Topic: Changes with ark | 4 September 2020 00:59
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Can you reset the ark quest every year or would that be too much of a freebie? , I've completed all the quests, except for the impossible quest 7, there is nothing to do there now
Topic: Miss and Mister Universe contest | 19 August 2020 14:12
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Where are your photos Victoria , this is from the wrong profile :)))
Topic: Lazy | 13 July 2020 14:07
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a participant wrote something and the administrator took advantage btw the unit description already says its slow
Topic: acc erase | 13 July 2020 08:44
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^^ successfully deleted
Topic: joke from admins ? | 23 May 2020 08:54
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this time i dont know what to buy the x2 for.... Re:Balance
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I understand that you going away from the unique combat system, to an arcade like shooter
The question I have is how you going to reduce the top fleets? Analy cut the numbers?
Well this is one opportunity for them to throw the fleet away
Topic: inactiv account delete from system | 8 April 2020 03:20
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Its written in the project rules

5.5. The system is automatically clears the server from inactive players. All not protected accounts regardless of whether they are active or not, deleted after 7 days; inactive secure and scored 10 points deleted after 31 days; scored at least 10 points and not active, but protected are deleted after 3 months.

By the way ,when the player is deleted the planet becomes a ? 
This means that planet could become anything 
Topic: Hydarian is tied to the US dollar | 1 April 2020 05:01
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Cutting without compensation is a deterrent for sure
The major one was computer tech, after the first cut the general assembly complained , the admin from hell promises to compensate next time with resources that was spent into a form of medals that the player can return when they want, they cut it again, a x2 bonus for you, and the promise was not recieved....

In general cattle eat grass, and not garbage Hydarian is tied to the US dollar
Topic: Announcement! The elusive Montana | 21 March 2020 00:21
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Jouann of Montana of the 6 quests now changes the coordinates of the appearance every day between the 100th and 900th system and the 100th to 900th galaxy.

So it's like the ark quest now, there was a player community formed for this quest when I joined was only like 10 players it's up to around 80 players ,and so this is now scraped , lucky for me I already passed
Topic: Is this a bug? | 19 March 2020 02:31
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Topic: delete account | 19 March 2020 02:23
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Your account will be deleted after 7days have past , and on the next calculation delete account
Topic: Fast 3d animation and other changes | 5 March 2020 06:29
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with the latest updates , guaranteed no donate  
Topic: Transport to coordinates with more than 1 fleet | 23 January 2020 02:26
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Khronos the option is changed to be turned off by default
Go to the fleet menu and enable
Topic: Outline needs Change | 26 November 2019 04:20
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but what about these outlines found on the main page.
and the more obvious one is the old cruiser model, it shows 3 ships in rotation , a xerj flagship, a toss flagship, a human medium ship
probably should change the cruiser to a flagship?