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Topic: Galaxy view | 27 November 2019 02:37
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In the galaxy it is difficult to use the spy function on the mobile with xergis skin.
If I change it to terran skin it works normally.
Been waiting for a fix ,but has not happen
Can someone look into this?
Topic: Plot of the bot | 17 August 2019 23:42
Message #6
sure but why make the battle plot impossible to win , just give a blackhole

and the bug is < taken from a random battle on the main page
Topic: the game operators are the last fraudsters | 17 August 2019 06:28
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Original anime story from Japan 


Topic: Plot of the bot | 17 August 2019 01:58
Message #4

Hi, today I have a battle in the experiment.....the player is non-existing 0 statistics and his fleet is more than 10x, how is this fair? Lol 
And there is a bug after the battle nothing from the holds fell and disappears.
I had over 3million gas onboard
Oh well at least I will have less than 20% return for next week.Plot of the bot
Topic: Animated profile pictures | 27 July 2019 02:11
Message #3
I thank Tii for your attention and help with the situation.
the file needed to be resized 127 x 130
also a hard reset ctrl + F5

Topic: Animated profile pictures | 21 July 2019 01:48
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5hc + 1hc and no help?

do i need to move to the "Bugs" to get answer? 
Topic: Animated profile pictures | 11 July 2019 05:48
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How do I add a picture (gif) and have it animated on my profile.
I have the picture (960kb) saved on my computer 
After the upload picture was not animated.
Have deleted picture from profile will try again later. -and now tried again