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This system is now live!! Just lost my first Pancor. Sent 2 out and armor was 565/586 at the end of the battle. Lost one.
Topic: What to do with comets? | 11 September 2022 00:11:15
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Any more info on this? I keep trying to connect with a comet with no success. They don't show up on the fleet movement screen anymore and I have tried sending a ship to the coordinates via the FREE FLIGHT screen, but no luck there as the lowest flight time to the comet's coordinates is 1 day + 16 hours.
Topic: What to do with comets? | 3 August 2022 01:19:53
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Tried again today when this showed up:

2 Aug 23:07:58
Comet with local coordinates [32355:8470:-16051] was found at coordinates [2897:548:7]

Couldn't do anything with it. No option to go into 3D flight anywhere.
Topic: What to do with comets? | 2 August 2022 07:05:27
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Thanks for the feedback. I tried but must have been too late. It looks like they only stick around for 2 hours in one spot.
Topic: What to do with comets? | 2 August 2022 00:19:16
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Got this happening. Checked the catalogue but no info there. Anyone know what this is about and if it can be interacted with?