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Topic: Hydarian is tied to the US dollar | 31 March 2020 16:43:21
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Dear Victoria and other staff

It is evident you have very little understanding how a free market works. You come from a society rooted in socialistic ideology and you are used to central artificial manipulation of everything. However, in the case of this game, it will not work because you are active in a free market where you have competition. The idea with capitalism is to stimulate growth, profitability, wealth and innovation by competition. Not by regulation, price fixing and actions based on ideologies. In the case of Xcraft, you should increase profit by making a better game and grow the customer base. Not by increasing the cost per customer in absurdum. Xcraft is already very expensive compared to alternatives. It is normal for enterprises in a market economy to increase efficiency by 5 - 7 percent annually on average. At the same time, the growth shall be more than that, typically 10 - 20 percent. This means  5 - 7 percent lower prices per year but more customers and more total revenue. This is what drives progress and this is the reason why socialism always fails.
Many (most) makers of pay-to-play games do the same mistake. The result is that the customer base stagnates or shrink. After a few years, there are only players with big wallets left and they keep playing only because they have already invested so much. However, in the end, they always quit because they finally realize the psychology behind it.
Another mechanism in free markets that you don't seem to be aware of is the need for investors to have stability. No one invests in a market that is not stable. Spending money (investing) in this game is very risky considering how the project is run. This is also a long term strategy game so the need for stability is even bigger. Personally, I have spent quite a bit of cash here but wouldn't even consider it anymore. I can't recommend my hundreds of friends playing other pay-to-play games to switch to Xcraft either because the trend curve points in the wrong direction.
The trends are all to clear and I have seen the same thing happen before in other game platforms. Death by over-taxation.