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Another 'update' while I was out shopping? Now my Imperium has only basic income and I am losing 9580 vespine per hour that's accumulating as debt

You guys really need to revise this.
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It is too much as usual. 5 of 7 planets no longer produce anything but the minimum income.

I do not have a big fleet compared to a lot of players; you have probably ruined a lot of players' Imperiums by such a big cut in production.

You need to either eliminate amortization or lower these cuts to something reasonable.
Topic: New Year's Eve sale | 20 December 2019 06:28
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I think the box is nothing for almost everyone at 1% chance per 1k HC.  That's just lame IMO.  I've been waiting and hoping for a nice discount or something like the Halloween event for the Xmas holidays, but this is no incentive at all to buy more HC.

Giving back recycle speed is nice though and thanks for that.

Be sure to update if you change the New Year's holiday box to something reasonable.

Edit: Finally got a Schrodinger's Box and this is what came out of it: Totally useless for Toss!

Really hoping this is a bug and not a feature. Please fix this or give us the ability to sell them on the bestiary.