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Topic: Regeneration Change | 7 February 2024 14:26:54
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UncleanOne, It is checked when damage from non-fatal shot is applied to unit's armor.

Right that's where I got that last part from. If you're almost dead, then how does it know to check from a non fatal shot if that shot would not be fatal with the damage reduction, but WOULD BE without it.

Hence.... armor = 100 right? That means you have 100 armor + 20% damage reduction..... so the attack must be 120 damage for a kill shot right? So, if it's a kill shot the 20% reduction doesn't count.... so then does the attack only have to be 100 damage instead of 120 since the 20% doesn't count?

That seems ridiculous doesn't it?

(Sorry when I said the 80 I was speaking of it as extra armor instead of armor reduction. Like... If I have 100 armor and the 20% is included, that means I have ACTUALLY 80 armor..... so a kill shot would only need 80 damage instead of the 100... It's KINDA the same thing, but if you look at it that way it would be completely confusing as to when the kill shot bypass of the regeneration would actually take place.... it was my mistake It's damage reduction not extra armor.... But even still it's a little ridiculous that all of a sudden at a certain health dependent on the attack damage your extra 20% just disappears)

And last thing.... What do you mean by the term "burst damage". Could you give an example of this?
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So basically Toss just got even more overpowered and all the other races are in hell.

After being here for about 5 or 6 years now..... Is there EVER going to be a change that BENEFITS the players? Like.... EVER?

To the person above me..... Transitionary stage of development? Really? Maybe if the developers have ever made a positive change to this game people might be excited. This game is the opposite of all other games in that all the changes that have ever been made HURT the player, and everyone who has been here for any decent amount of time DREADS new updates.

As soon as I see an update I don't even have to read it, my first thought is DAMN they just did SOMETHING to make this game worse.